Spring 1996

posted: Apr 01, 1996
The History of Hedges and the Cargo Muchacho Mining District Part I: A Case Study of the Lives of Mexican Miners in a Company Town of the Southern California Desert;...

Winter 1996

posted: Jan 01, 1996
Frank P. Allen, Jr.: His Architectural and Horticultural Imprint on San Diego; The Park Brickyard Company

Fall 1995

posted: Oct 01, 1995
Rancho Guajome: an Architectural Legacy Preserved; Luisa Moreno: A Hispanic Civil Rights Leader in San Diego

Summer 1995

posted: Jul 01, 1995
Visions of Paradise: The Selling of San Diego

Spring 1995

posted: Apr 01, 1995
La Madre Santísima de la Luz; The Acquisition of La Madre Santísima de la Luz; Uncovering the Madre de la Luz; 1926, The Formative Year of Kensington Heights; Concrete...

Winter 1995

posted: Jan 01, 1995
This Was Paradise: Voices of the Pacific Coast League Padres, 1936-1958; From Grecian Columns to Spanish Towers: The Development of San Diego State College, 1922-1953

Fall 1994

posted: Oct 01, 1994
Formidable Places: Builing a Railroad in Carriso Gorge; Letters Written from San Diego County, 1879-1880 by Rufus Morgan.

Summer 1994

posted: Jul 01, 1994
Modern Perspectives: Three Women Artists of the 1920s and 1930s; Anni Baldaugh; Margaret King Rocle; Belle Baranceanu

Winter-Spring 1994

posted: Jan 01, 1994
The Killing of Juan Diego: From Murder to Mythology; When the Lone Eagle Returned to San Diego; Charles Russell Orcutt: Pioneer Naturalist; San Diego's Own Napoleons

Fall 1993

posted: Oct 01, 1993
A Passion for Water: Hans H. Doe and the California Water Industry; Women in Wartime: The San Diego Experience, 1941-1945

Summer 1993

posted: Jul 01, 1993
Burlingame: The Tract of Character 1912-1914; The Zest for Learning: Founding and Early Years of Francis Parker School; A Preliminary Checklist of Masters' Theses and Doctoral Dissertations on the...

Winter-Spring 1993

posted: Jan 01, 1993
Further and Further Away: The Relocation of San Diego's Nikkei Community - 1942; Temporary Suburbs: The Lost Opportunity of San Diego's National Defense Housing Projects; War Comes to San...

Fall 1992

posted: Oct 01, 1992
The Battle for Ham and Eggs: The 1938-1939 San Diego Campaign for the California Pension Plan; When the Elephants Marched Out of San Diego: The 1972 Republican Convention Fiasco

Summer 1992

posted: Jul 01, 1992
The Sacred and the Profane: The Restoration of Mission San Diego de Alcala 1866-1931; The Prince of Wales Visits San Diego: A Study in Perception; Mercantile to MacDonald's: Commercial...

Spring 1992

posted: Apr 01, 1992
How Ellen Scripps Brought Ancient Egypt to San Diego; The Development of Egyptian Revival Architecture in San Diego County; San Diego: Historical Resources of the Federal Government in the...

Winter 1992

posted: Jan 01, 1992
Hollywood in San Diego: the Administration of Location Shooting in City Parks; Murderous Women and Mild Justice: A Look at Female Violence in Pre-1910 San Diego, San Luis Obispo...
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