Balboa Park History 1995

Winter 1995: HUMANITIES NETWORK, Media projects: world of dreams – San Francisco’s 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition and San Diego’s 1915-16 Panama-California Exposition; sponsor Upstate Films, Rhinebeck, NY; project director Eric Breitbart.

January 1, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-9. Art groups eye money issues, making change – San Diego Men’s Chorus, Artwalk Director Dorothy Annette, Timken Museum of Art, Hall of Champions, House of Charm, by Preston Turegano.

January 5, 1995. San Diego Daily Transcript, Building projects are blooming in Balboa Park; new restaurant just the beginning, Restaurant Alliance for Management and Marketing owned by Stephen Zolezzi and John Calabutto will run new restaurant to replace Cafe del Rey Moro, by Thor Kamban Biberman.

January 8, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, A-2. On a rainy day, some trees sang, some died . . .

Kathy Puplava tends Balboa Park’s 18,000 trees, by Neil Morgan.

January 22, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-3. Lack of maintenance catches up with some city buildings; deferred maintenance is a euphemism for intentional neglect , by Philip J. La Valle.

January 22, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-7. David Roosevelt, grandson of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to speak at tree-planting ceremony to be held at FDR grove in Balboa Park Saturday; program sponsored by the Civilian Conservation Corps Veterans of San Diego County..

January 22, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-5. Street lights will shine more brightly in parts of Balboa Park, existing yellow-emitting, low-pressure sodium lights being replaced with high-pressure sodium lights that produce a white-pinkish glow. by Roger M. Showley.

February 11, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. A prefabricated 15,000 sq. ft. shelter gym on city property near San Diego city college may settle suit on behalf of homeless, by Ronald W. Powell.

March 13, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, D-5. STATE OF THE ARTS: Museums didn’t exhibit robust ‘94 attendance; the most severe drops – 20 percent or more – occurred at the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Photographic Art, the Hall of Champions, and the Art Institute, by Preston Turegano.

April 1, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, D-3. New look Balboa golf course opens after first major renovation of the course in approximately 60 years; $1.8 million renovation, by T. R. Reinman.

April 10, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-3. Indian Human Resource Center closer to getting Balboa Park home; City Council’s Natural Resources, Culture and Arts Committee last month approved a recommendation by the city manager’s office for rent-free space in city-owned building No. 8 on Inspiration Point in Balboa Park; tenant is supposed to provide public educational and artistic programs celebrating the first Americans.

April 11, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-3. CRIME WATCH: 14-year old girl sexually assaulted in Balboa Park attack; Fire destroys maintenance facility at golf course, damage estimated at $250,000.

April 16, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-2. Balboa Park “rules” rile entertainers; officials murky on why they are cutting permits; permits are site specific; number of acts per site has been reduced from three to one, by James Steinberg.

June 12, 1995. Letter, Christine Kehoe to Richard Amero regarding Vietnam Peace Memorial. San Diego Union-Tribune, June 18, 1995, H-3. Park’s beauty a sign of push for excellence according to Kevin Starr, by Roger M. Showley.

July 9, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-2. Park’s new $170,500 fountain has Moorish design, tiles created by Laird Pumleigh, by Roger M. Showley.

July 23, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-3. Crowd rallies for Americans with Disabilities; fifth anniversary of passage of Americans with Disabilities Act celebrated by a rally at Organ Pavilion, a parade, an art show and games.

July 24, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-6. EDITORIAL: Test the booze ban in Mission Bay Park; park needs zero tolerance for violence.

July 26, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, A-2. Recession over? Museums and Zoos hope so, San Diego Zoo and San Diego Natural History Museum publish brochures, Zoo has an annual attendance of 4.5 million, by Neil Morgan.

July 27, 1995, San Diego Union, A-2. Mingei International Museum of World Folk Art received a $500,000 gift this week from Charmaine Kaplan of Rancho Santa Fe, putting the museum three-quarters of the way toward its $4 million goal for renovations to the interior of its new home.

July 28, 1995, San Diego Daily Transcript,. Balboa Park roundup, $7 million reconstruction of the House of Charm the most visible sign of a master renovation plan for Balboa Park, by Caron Golden.

July 30, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, D-1. Tom Emery, 72, artist, loves Balboa Park’s 24 naked figures that support Casa de Balboa’s roof, by Peter Rowe.

August 5 – 13, 1995, America’s Finest City Week.

August 6, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-3. CRITIC AT LARGE: Bette Davis’ eyes? Not young Diana, completed and cast in 1924 by Anna Hyatt Huntington, one of five known castings; Miss Davis would have been 16 and the youthful Diana is more girlish than that, by Welton Jones.

August 13, 1995, Los Angeles Times, Home Edition, Travel Section, L-2. New awards honor public places that unite American; Sights: L. A. Public Library makes the list but Manhattan’s Washington Square does not. Selections kindle debate on what makes a place people-friendly, by Christopher Reynolds.

Among the absentees: Las Vegas; San Diego and Orange counties; and Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii and Nevada.

August 13, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-1. Tearing down the House of Hospitality, by Ann Jarmusch.

August 13, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-1. House of Hospitality’s new look will be its old, by Ann Jarmusch.

August 17, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-2. New blue hue makes Aerospace Museum appear rosier, by James Steinberg.

August 19, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, A-1. Lights are on again.

September 3, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, G-3. Looking for San Diego’s public spaces – not a single public space in San Diego was among the 62 award winning sites chosen by a panel of leading U.S. architects, writers, city planners and developers, by Lawrence A. Herzog.

September 17, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-1. SMOKESTACKS AND GERANIUMS: It’s time to pour pride into a new City Hall; San Diego’s City Hall is a faceless, pitiful home for the level of government closest to the people, by Roger M. Showley.

September 17, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-6. Revamps on agenda elsewhere; city hall development and redevelopment is booming across America, by Roger M. Showley.

September 24, 1995, Los Angeles Times, Home Edition, Calendar Section, 63. Celebrating Survival: For 25 years, San Diego’s Centro Cultural de la Raza has honored the Chicano experience, Can it continue? By Leah Ollman.

October, 1995. A Brief Overview of the Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater and Science Center Expansion; A Project of the San Diego Space and Science Foundation.

October 8, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-1. ARTS LEDGERS: Do limousine service, luxury hotel rooms and $5,500 dinner belong on the San Diego Museum of Art’s balance sheets? Here’s a look at the director’s spending, by Preston Turegano.

October 9, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, D-1. ARTS LEDGERS: Museum of Art has unorthodox pact with Zachary P. Morfogen, fund-raiser, by Preston Turegano.

October 18, 1995, San Diego Daily Transcript,. City finishes audit of San Diego Museum of Art; keeps mum, by John Willett.

October 29, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. Elizabeth North, donor of fountain, showered with praise, by Roger M. Showley.

October 29, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-14. Theme-park construction is E-ticket ride in ‘90s, biggest prize is Lego World Family Park, a 128-acre center in Carlsbad, by Roger M. Showley.

November 5,1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, G-3. Letter, Jackie I. Goldberg: Don’t let Route 163 through Balboa Park become unsightly; city is spraying the edges of the median grass to kill the extended growth rather than allowing the grass to grow to its outer limits and using accepted edging techniques.

November 5, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-19. GARDEN: Milton P. Sessions, his love of plants still blossoms, he died October 22 just shy of his 95th birthday, by Karen C. Wilson and Lucy Warren.

November 7, 1995, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-2. New fountain makes a splash in Balboa Park, by Burl Stiff.

November 8, 1995, Minutes of Design Review Committee,. Adoption 1. Japanese Garden Concept Plan Addition . . . approved with modifications.

(Chair noted the tour of the Japanese Garden held in October.)

Motion #1. Mr. White moved to approve the project as presented subject to the following conditions:

  1. Reduce the size of the parking area and limit use to disabled access;
  2. Provide landscaping to soften the area between the parking and buildings; and
  3. Establish a ten (10) year timetable for future review of the temporary buildings.

Mr. Utt amended the motion adding the following condition: Provide landscaping to screen the parking area from the access entry.

The motion was then seconded by Mr. Heimlich and was approved by a vote of five (5) in favor, one (1) opposed and two (2) abstentions (Mrs. Yamada and Mr. Theilacker).

Motion #2. Mr. Theilacker made a motion to solicit an interim master plan. This master plan would reflect previously approved changes and include the recommendation to save the oak grove as a permanent feature.

The motion was seconded by Mr. Andrews and was approved by a vote of seven (7) in favor and one (1) abstention (Mrs. Yamada).

November 19, 1995, Los Angeles Times, Home Edition, Calendar Section, 70. Record Rack: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, “The Ghost of Tom Joad,” new acoustic album — The Return to Desolate Highway, by Robert Hilburn.

“The Line” and “Balboa Park” speak in equally unsettling ways about the dehumanizing effect when a society sees outsiders as invaders rather than neighbors.

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