Balboa Park History 1999

January 1999, UPTOWNCrumbling park art: Public art in Morley Field is crumbling, but that’s okay.

January 1999, UPTOWN, Dog Heaven at Balboa Park, by Beth Mathewson.

January 4, 1999, Balboa Park Committee. Action Items (Adoption) 201. S. D. Lawn Bowling Club House Master Plan and Annex Addition. 202. Twenty Year Needs List. Information Items 401. S. D. Zoo proposed expansion. 402. Exposition 2000 update.

January 4, 1999, Balboa Park Committee. CBPA Report.

Betty Peabody reported on the CBPA meeting held earlier in the day. The main items of discussion a new exhibit coming to San Diego and Balboa Park “WWII Through Russian Eyes”, and a presentation by the Museum of Photographic Arts on their expansion project. Action Items (Adoption) 201. San Diego Lawn Bowling Clubhouse Master Plan and Annex Addition. MSC It was moved, seconded and carried to approve the concept plan for the San Diego Lawn Bowling Clubhouse Building and Annex with the caveat that should any trees be removed that they be replaced in adjacent areas (Oliver/Madigan 6-0). 202. Twenty Year Needs List. MSC It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously to approve the 20-year needs list as presented by staff (Oliver/Hyde 6-0). Information Items 401. San Diego Zoo Proposed Expansion: A presentation was made by Trish Butler, BRG Consulting Project Manager, for the proposed concept plan for the San Diego Zoo Expansion. The proposed plan has not yet been formally presented to the City to begin the review process expected to take at least 18 months. Staff assured Committee member that they will have a chance to review and respond in depth to the expansion plan, and adopt recommendations to send forward to the Park & Recreation Board and City Council.

January 11, 1999, Letter, Councilmember Christine Kehoe to Richard W. Amero regarding his concerns over suggestions to change the name of President’s Way in Balboa Park.

January 13, 1999, Design Review Committee.

Action Items 1. Balboa Park Lawn Bowling Clubhouse Expansion – John Helminski, Staff, Public Buildings & Parks; Rob Gerke, Consultant, RBF Associates; Motion by M. Theilacker, seconded by D. Leonard, to approve the site plan as presented with the following conditions:

  1. Provide design and construction details on signage, and signage design; should be more in keeping with Balboa Park signage program.
  2. Provide landscape plan.
  3. Reduce scale of trellis section.
  4. Provide a detail for column bases.
  5. Increase paving and access between patios and main entry walk to structure.
  6. Add French door system on existing structure toward patio.
  7. Add tile roof over existing storage/electric room, and
  8. Consider substituting swing doors in place of rolling doors on storage rooms.

Vote: Unanimous approval (11 members present).

Information Items 1. Balboa Park Golf Course Clubhouse Master Plan – Mark Marney, Staff, Northern Parks Division. Park & Recreation Dept. Project Manager Mark Marney described to the Committee the process by which public input is being sought for this project. Project landscape architect Nick DeLorenzo presented the goals of the project, the constraints and opportunities, and the request for proposals process. Issues which have come up at previous public meetings include the following: need for additional parking; increase in clubhouse uses, possible re-routing of Date/26th Street and modification of the 9-hole golf course to accommodate clubhouse and parking expansion, potential parking structure, and errant balls landing in adjacent street and tot lot. Jack Dahlin, project architect, responded to questions from the Committee.

Generally, Committee members supported the concept of re-routing the road and modifying the gold course to open up the area around the existing clubhouse to accommodate expansion of the facilities. Other concepts supported by the Committee included: terracing the building, slightly raising the finish floor elevation from the existing level by four to five feet, Craftsman-style architecture, parking structure stepped into a canyon, and possibly taking advantage of the native vegetation in modifying the golf course.

January 19, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune. E-6. Museums (of Art and of Contemporary Art) plan tribute to their benefactors (the late Rae and Lela Axline, whose estate provided the $60 million in endowment funds), by Welton Jones.

January 20, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. Natural History Museum ready to show off diamond exhibit, by James Steinberg.

January 21, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-5. City might let dogs run free in five parks, by Ray Huard.

January 30, 1999, Honoring President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s gifts that keep on giving, FDR Grove in Balboa Park, located at 6th and Quince.

February 1, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. CCC groups join in reaffirming the spirit of FDR, Balboa Park grove is rededicated in his honor, by Ronald W. Powell.

February 1, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-2. Youngsters blast off to learning at Space Center; Challenger-inspired program places participants in lifelike situations, by Clark Brooke.

February 2, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, A-1, A-11. Tom Hall to leave Old Globe in July; Managing Director joined theater in 1978, by Anne Marie Welsh.

February 4, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. Werner Heuschele dies: zoo veterinarian, by Jack Williams.

February 11, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, A-3. Stay home, see future: Expo 2000 in the park, by Neil Morgan.

February 14, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune. H-2. Monumental work: restoring parks’ plaques brings (Barry Feinman) in touch with the past, by Roger Showley.

February 28, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-1. Smarting over growth/Are we masters of our destiny or destruction?, by Roger Showley.

March 1, 1999, Balboa Park Committee.

Action Items (Adoption) 201. Palisades Area Tram Stop (Report to follow); Workshop Items 301. San Diego Zoo Expansion Public Review Process Strategy; Information Items: 401. Balboa Park Carousel update.

Chairperson’s Report: Ms. Lacy reported that the Park & Recreation Board had not met in the last three months due to a lack of agenda items. She announced that the Balboa Park Activity Center will be dedicated on April 24, 1999 and all committee members will be invited to attend.

CBPA Report: Betty Peabody reported on the actions of the Central Balboa Park Committee meeting held earlier in the day. The full agenda included a presentation by Ed McKellar, Director, Aerospace Museum on installation of the Courtyard cover which will begin soon; a discussion of volunteer recognition month, with April 22 selected by the Museums as Volunteer Recognition Day; an address by Assistant Chief Bejarano concerning Expo 2000 security issues; and an address by Judith Harris, Chair of the Commission on Arts & Culture, and Victoria Hamilton, Executive Director.

Staff Report: Penny Scott announced that an Arts Reception has been scheduled for April 22, 1999 as part of the Balboa Park Activity Center opening. She reported on the opening of the special exhibition in the Municipal Gym March 13, 1999, “World War II Through Russian Eyes.” She also distributed copies of the updated Twenty Year Needs List.

  1. Carolyn Wormser, City Special Events Coordinator, reported on the City’s plans for the

upcoming Millennium celebrations, including the premier event to be held in Balboa Park. She also included information on the Mayor’s Task Force which is being formed to plans celebrations for the City of San Diego during the year 2000. She distributed copies of the Web Page for the Expo 2000 created as a donation by SAIC.

  1. Darren Greenhaigh updated the committee on construction projects in Balboa Park including Phase II of the lighting project, Phase II of the signage program, Morley Field Tennis Court (6) reconstruction, construction of the Marston House restroom, reconstruction of the Organ Pavilion restroom, parking lot. All projects should be completed by the fall in time for the Millennium celebration. In April two more projects will begin as well: reconstruction of the North Courtyard at Inspiration Point and repairs to the parapet walls of the Automotive Museum.

Action Items (Adoption) 201. Palisades Area Tram Stop. MSC It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously to approve the installation of a temporary tram stop in the Palisades area as presented (Simon/Rucci 11-0),

Note: Mr. McKellar from the Aerospace Museum asked that it be noted in the minutes that the operation of the tram stop be evaluated through Labor Day with the idea of possibly keeping the arrangement permanent versus temporary if it appears to meet the public’s and museums’ needs. It was also announced that the Tram Central Dedication will be held on April 12, 1999, 11:00 a.m. Committee members will be invited.

Workshop Items 301. San Diego Zoo Public Review Process Strategy. Ms. Lacy reported that several members were concerned with the San Diego Zoo expansion proposal and the public review process as relates to Balboa Park Committee responsibilities for conducting public review and comment meetings. Many members felt strongly that they have a responsibility to obtain as much pertinent information as possible to assist them in making recommendations in the best interests of all concerned. Ms. Lacy asked for volunteer committee members to sit on a sub-committee to look into issues, data gathering, etc. to assist the full committee when the review process begins. The sub-committee will consist of Julianne Peters Hyde, Michael Powers, Delza Martin, Joan Griffin and Darlene Davis. Ms. Lacy will attend if available.

Information Items 401. Balboa Park Carousel update. Mr. Bill Steen, owner and operator of the Balboa Park Carousel, gave a brief update on the history and status of the Balboa Park Carousel. He is committed to continuing operation of the carousel to ensure it will always be accessible to the children of San Diego. The carousel was built in 1910 and is one of only 150 still operating worldwide. It has been at its current location since 1968 but was established in the park in 1915.

March 9, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-1. The forgotten front: Exhibit (at the Municipal Gymnasium) is monument to Russia’s wartime experience, by Pat Stein.

March 9, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, A-1. Museum’s boss backs off quitting; But art institution’s board keeps seeking successor to Brezzo, by Welton Jones.

March 10, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. Brezzo concedes art museum board wants him to leave, by Welton Jones.

March 12, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-13. Return to suffering with art director out; letters, Bob Tepedino and George Driver supporting Brezzo and art for the masses.

March 12, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune. E-1. Brezzo has passion, but not for art, by Robert Pincus.

March 13, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. Navy OKs land-use plan (for defunct Naval Training Center); next step is talks on costs, by Ronald W. Powell.

March 18, 1999, Park & Recreation Board.

Communications: Ms. Shirley Larson, representing Offshoot Tours, distributed a hand-out featuring free tours of Balboa Park. Director’s Report: The Balboa Activity Center is nearing completion with dedication scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on April 24th. “WWII Through Russian Eyes: is currently being featured until July at the Municipal Gym in Balboa Park. The “Dogs Off-Leash” issue will be heard at the City Council meeting that convenes at 2:00 p.m. on April 12.

Action Items (Adoption)

  1. Council Policy No. 700-06 – Encroachments on City Property and Council Policy 600-43 City of San Diego Telecommunications Antenna Policy. The City encourages the placement of telecommunication facilities on city-owned land as a revenue-generating mechanism and the telecommunication companies pay a fair market rent ($1200/month) for the use of that land.

Motion/Seconded Mr. Leppert/Mr. Glassman. Mr. Leppert moved to approve the proposed revisions to Council Policy 700-06 pertaining to park and open space property with the condition that the Council consider the possibility of the Park & Recreation Dept. retaining part or all of the rent revenues for Park & Recreation use, and the assurance that the environmental integrity of the area where the telecommunication facility is constructed will not be disturbed. The motion passed unanimously.

  1. Expo 2000 Millennium Celebration in Balboa Park: Ms. Carolyn Wormser, Director of Special Events, presented an exciting detailed overview of the proposed Balboa Park Exposition 2000 Millennium Celebration. Ms. Wormser explained that EXPO 2000 is a year-long event that will include educational programs, special events, a marketing campaign to renew public interest, awareness, and participation in the unique artistic, natural, historical and cultural resources in Balboa Park. The actual Millennium countdown and media campaign kicks off on June 1, 1999 and will run through January 2, 2001; a full 18 months of activities focusing on San Diego’s attributes, citizens, and events. To celebrate the new millennium, a 3-day long event is in the planning stages for New Year’s Eve 1999. Plans now include a ticketed and gated New Years Eve celebration on December 31, 1999; a Family Day on Saturday, January 1, 2000; and a Community Day on Sunday, January 2, 2000. You may access the Expo Web Page atinfo@balboaparkexpo.comfor updated information.

Chairwoman Weinsheim reminded the Board members that committee minutes are received monthly through the mail which gives each member a chance to read prior to attending the Park & Recreation Board meeting.

Balboa Park Committee Report: Ms. Lacy expressed her appreciation for the addition of Ms. Darlene Gould Davies as her co-chair of the Balboa Park Committee and that they are both looking forward to working together over the next two years. . . . Ms. Lacy passed around a listing of the Phase I construction projects in Balboa Park.

March 28, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-1. On The Way To The Millennium/Remembrance Of Arts Past — Altering the landscape/A park, an expo and a grand new way of living, by Welton Jones. . . . San Diego Theater.

March 28, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-2. New Blind Center Recreation Center is visually enhanced, by Ann Jarmusch.

The $2 million, three-story building now under construction at 1805 Upas Street will replace a smaller, out-dated building.

March 31, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-2. Around The Region: 4,000 attend diamond exhibit opening.

April 8, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, Night & Day – 30. Natural objects about in Japanese exhibit that honors the past; Martha Longenecker; The Nippon Mingeikan Collection.

April 9, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-2. Park’s tram (terminal) to be dedicated April 12.

April 11, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-2. Cleanup volunteers haul out trash, make Golden Hill canyons shine, by David Harpster.

April 11, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-2. World Tai Chi Day observed in Balboa Park, by Susan Gembrowski.

April 12, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-5. Obituary: Joy Cannon, 70, a versatile figure at Star-Light Opera.

April 13, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1, B-3, B-5. City to let dogs free in five parks; Council votes 7-0 on controversial issue, by Ray Huard.

April 14, 1999, Design Review Committee. Action Items 2. Balboa Park – Lawn Bowling Clubhouse Expansion – John Helminski, Staff, Public Buildings & Parks; Rod Wright, Consultant, Rod Wright & Architects.

Motion by K. Fulhorst, seconded by L. Moreland, to recommend approval of the project as presented.

April 15, 1999, Park & Recreation Board. Action Items 103. San Diego Lawn Bowling Clubhouse Expansion – John Helminski, Engineering & Capital Projects/Public Buildings & Parks).

April 15, 1999, Park & Recreation Board. Director’s Report: The Dogs Off-Leash issue was heard before the City Council on Monday April 12. City Council approved keeping Dog Beach, Fiesta Island, Nate’s Point in Balboa Park, and Morley Field 24 hour off-leash areas. Grape Street Park will remain an off-leash area but with specific posted hours. Signage will be installed in order to give dog owners time to become familiar with the new hours before they become effective in 60 days. The new hours will remain in effect for one year on a trial basis. . . . Balboa Park Committee Report: Ms. Lacy reported that she and Ms. Davies attended the new Tram Central dedication on April 12th. She also reminded everyone to attend the Activity Center Dedication on April 24th at 11:00 a.m.

April 21, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1, B-2. Balboa Park gym (Activity Center) has look of a winner, by James Steinberg.

April 15, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-15. Letter Helen McKenna who says that because dog owners outnumber opponents at hearings dogs should run free in public parks.

April 15, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, Night & Day-47. Hit environmental pay dirt at Earth Fair ’99.

April 17, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-5. Winners find satisfaction, discover beauty at Science Fair (in new Balboa Park Activity Center), by David E. Graham.

April 18, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-1. On the way to Millennium/On the World Stage; the 1905 Fair and aerospace industry are bright spots as war engulfs world, by Roger Showley.

April 19, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. Earth Day is diverse, delightful; hundreds of groups represented in Balboa Park, by Greg Moran.

April 20, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, D-3. Ron A. Phillips, new executive head of Hall of Champions; pre-opening exhibit called “The Nazi Olympics: Berlin, 1936” from July 1 through September 30.

April 21, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1, B-2, B-3. Balboa Park gym has look of a winner, by James Steinberg.

April 11, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, Night & Day – 7. Kids bookin’ it to annual bash — Children’s Book Party, ’99, by Terry Kelly.

April 25, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-3. On the way to Millennium/remembrance of arts past/Nino Marcelli, Reginald Harkness Poland, Buren Roscoe Schyrock, Dr. Humphrey J. Stewart.

April 29, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, Night & Day-21. A profusion of Balboa Park events welcome spring, by Kelly Terry. Art Alive/Buds ‘n Bloom, Philippine Cultural Arts Festival.

May, 1999. San Diego On Line. Political Animals: The San Diego Zoo’s pandas, by Rick Dower.

May 2, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-1. Balboa Park’s posh potential; 6th Avenue is ripe for new development, by Roger Showley.

May 2, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. Annual race to promote literacy, starts in Balboa Park at 7:15 a.m. at Pan-American road, by Angelica Pence.

May 2, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. Paving paradise? Canyon controversy/Neighbors to fight plans for putting in access roads east of Balboa Park, by Steve La Rue.

May 4, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-7, B-9. What tourism contributes to San Diego, by Reint Reinders.

May 6, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, Night & Day-36. On May 29, the San Diego Zoo will unveil Ituri Forest animal habitat, by Kelly Terry.

May 9, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-4. Honoring (Donal Hord) the forgotten sculptor of San Diego, by Robert L. Pincus: through October 10, Museum of San Diego History, Casa de Balboa, Balboa Park.

Yet try as one might to be convinced that only East Coast bias keeps Hord from getting his due that argument doesn’t ring true. His work is generally charming and occasionally campy. Yet the artist’s treatment of his subjects doesn’t transcend its day: the works remind us that Hord is historical.

If craft alone could gain an artist a new reputation, Hord would have long ago gained a place in the 20th century pantheon. He was a virtuoso with wood. His ability to render every physical aspect of a face and every muscle of the male form is dazzlingly good. In this sense, he was a consummate realist.

May 12, 1999, Design Review Committee. Action Item 3. House of Puerto Rico – Mark Marney, Staff, Northern Parks Division; Bahram Maheronnaghsh, architect.

Motion by F. Blecksmith, seconded by M. Marum, to approve the proposed cottage design for the House of Puerto Rico, as presented.

Vote: Unanimously approved (8 members present).

May 12, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-7. Sense of Identity; nothing epitomizes the extraordinary diversity and unit of this place as much as Balboa Park, perhaps our greatest “goodest”

place. It captures the ecological, cultural and sociological diversity of our region in a manner with which we can all identify, by Mary Lindenstein Walshok, associate vice chancellor at UCSD.

It is extraordinary that this social diversity which could be something that divides us, in fact, like the diverse ecology of the region, is something that binds us. In San Diego, much like Ray Oldenburg’s discussion of the “new urbanism” in his book “The Great Good Place” multi-ethnic restaurants, street fairs, coffee houses and community centers represent the places where sociability and a sense of community often occur.

What is particularly extraordinary about Balboa Park, compared to other parks in the United States, is the diverse collection of cultural and social institutions along its many walkways and main promenade,

May 19, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-7. “Orpheus Rox” in updated roles, by Danielle Amato . . . World Beat Center where Vantage Theater is staging its workshop production.

May 20, 1999, Los Angeles Times, Home Edition, Calendar Section, F-M. Summer Splash: San Diego Zoo Habitat Sets Tropical Mood, by Tony Perry.

On the same day Sea World unleashes Shipwreck Rapids, the San Diego Zoo opens Ituri Forest, a 2-acre tropical jungle that officials describe as the most complex, multi-species habitat ever developed at the world-famous zoo.

May 20, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-13, B-15. Letter, Robert Laudy, protesting encroachments in Mission Trails Regional Park.

May 20, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, Night & Day – 46. Can your dog catch a Frisbee? Then come on down!, by Karen Pearlman . . . Canine Frisbee disc championships Saturday at War Memorial lawn in Balboa Park.

May 22, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-2. Pass offers savings in Balboa Park.

May 22, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-6. The pleasures of a night in “Hamar,” by Anne Marie Welsh . . . the Fern Street Circus on Park Boulevard side of Balboa Park.

May 23, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-1. What’s coming down the line, by Ann Jarmusch . . . the new Balboa Activity Center, Alcazar Garden, Japanese Friendship Garden, Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego Hall of Champions, San Diego Natural History Museum.

May 23, 1999, American Society of Landscape Architects “Celebration of the Centennial.”

May 23, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-1. Gym Dandy/A fresh new building in Balboa Park widens our eyes — and our perspective, by Ann Jarmusch . . . Balboa Park Activity Center.

May 30, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-1. One the Way to the Millennium/Remembrance of Arts Past: 1930-1939/Depresssion Dramatics/In the ‘30s, the feds stepped on the stage to keep the arts alive — and the artists employed, by Welton Jones.

June 1, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-6. Zoo juggernaut moves for changes at the park, by Welton Jones.

Is there too much free parking in Balboa Park. Is there an extra 25 acres of parkland available for a more commercial use? Are carousel rides too cheap?

Those who think so, rejoice. The San Diego Zoo is aiming to set things right.

June 4, 1999, San Diego-Union Tribune, B-1. Discussion of Zoo expansion delayed by Planning Commission yesterday, by James Steinberg . . . panel was unable to raise a quorum due in part to potential conflicts of interest (map).

June 7, 1999, Balboa Park Committee

Chairperson’s Report: Ms. Lacy reported on the dedication ceremonies of the long-awaited Balboa Park Activity Center and expressed her appreciation to all who assisted in the dedication and construction.

CBPA Report: Betty Peabody reported on the actions of the Central Balboa Park Association meeting held earlier in the day. Agenda items included a discussion of the S. D. Zoo expansion proposal, introduction of the new Balboa Park Storefront Officer, Bruce Getx, and introduction of new staff from the Museum of Art.

Staff Report: Penny Scott continued the report of the new Balboa Park Activity which officially opened to the public June 1, 1999. She introduced Balboa Park Grounds Maintenance District Manager Div Brasted who spoke briefly on the preservation of the historic excavations at Presidio Park. Div and Penny Scott also updated the committee on the many current construction projects underway in the park.

Zoo Expansion Sub-Committee Report: Ms. Lacy asked sub-committee chair Julie Anne Hyde to report on their activities since the last meeting. The committee has been gathering information and contacting various groups and organizations who may be affected by the proposed expansion.


  1. Cal Trans Improvements – Highway 163 Shoulder Paving Replacement/Repair: It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously to approve the proposed shoulder pavement repair and replacement at various locations along Highway 163 through Balboa Park as presented (Estrada/Rucci 10-0)
  2. Timken Museum Additions to the 20 Year Needs List: It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously to approve the two proposed additions to the 20 year need list pertaining to repairs needed at the Timken Museum of Art (Fliflet/Herr 10-0).

June 8, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-4. Zoo plans to corral more of park, by Welton Jones

June 9, 1999, Design Review Committee Minutes

Action Items 3. Balboa Park – S.R. 163 Shoulder and Pavement Rehabilitation: Motion by M. Marum, seconded by K. Fulhorst to approve the Shoulder and Pavement Rehabilitation project with the following condition:

That the proposed oak trees are to be hand selected for character.

Vote: Unanimous approval (10 members present).

June 10, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-15. Letters:

Larry Clague, Escondido: “This is nothing more than a poorly veiled land grab of public open space in Balboa Park by the zoo.”

Sharon Dodson, San Diego: “It would appear that the Wild Animal Park would be better suited for conserving and breeding animals and that the zoo should be more mindful of the need to conserve the beautiful open spaces that make Balboa a world-class park.”

Elizabeth Bryson, San Diego: “The zoo wants all the land between state Route 163 and Park Boulevard to accommodate its insatiable hunger and it will get in unless we citizens act quickly.”

Theodore V. Cook, San Diego: “It would be much better if the zoo, which already controls a vast expanse of land in the north city, would move its entire operation there and return the land I the park back to the people.”

June 17, 1999, Park and Recreation Board.


Mr. Glassman reported that the proposed Founders Plaza will be moved to the Laurel Street entrance to Balboa Park. According to a letter received by the Historical Society from the National Parks Service, this project in inconsistent with the Balboa Park Master Plan and does not comply with the Secretary of the Interior’s standards to be placed in the Historic Landmark Zone, where the Plaza was to be located originally.

Dr. David Watson, an attorney with Gray, Cary, Ware & Freidenrich, representing the Zoological Society, reported that the Planning Commission today initiated a Plan amendment to the Balboa Park Central Mesa Precise Plan for the Zoo expansion. Mr. Watson assured the Board members that the Zoological Society plans to work with Park and Recreation staff and will be coming back to the Board at a later date to make a presentation that will address the issues brought up at the June 17 Planning Commission.

Director’s Report

Ms. McLatchy reported:

The proposed Founders’ Plaza will be relocated to the west side of Balboa Park as requested by the National Parks Service. Mr. Michael Behan, Metro Parks Division Deputy Director, will be working with Mrs. North and the architect on the relocation.

National Trails Day was held June 5 in Balboa Park. This is a state/county/city event that promotes year-round trail activities and special events in City and County parks. This year the event included a 114-mile hike from San Diego to the Anza Borrego Desert. Councilmember Christine Kehoe from District 3 attended the event and presented a Certificate of Accomplishment to those who finished the hike.

Volunteer Recognition Night will be held Thursday, July 29, at the Balboa Park Club. This year’s theme is Mardi Gras and once again Hunter’s Steak House in Mission Valley has generously offered to donate the food.

Information Items

  1. House of Iran – Mark Marney (Northern Parks Division) . . . Mr. Mark Marney, Park Designer with the Northern Parks Division, described the proposed 1,000 square foot cottage that will be placed within the Central Mesa portion of Balboa Park and will be designed to be consistent with the historic cottages already in the area. The cottage will be financed by the House of Iran and its contributors. Upon completion, the cottage will be donated to the City as a gesture of good will and appreciation from the Iranian community. Mr. Marney introduced Mr. Alan Azimi, representing the House of Iran, who presented additional information regarding the project.
  2. The New Century Zoo – Robin Shifflet (Northern Parks Division) . . . Ms. Deborah Sharpe, Park Planning Supervisor with the Northern Parks Division, presented a briefing on the Zoological Society’s proposal to expand their Balboa Park leasehold from approximately 124 acres to 148.5 acres to achieve four primary goals: 1) Expand the preservation and conservation of endangered animal species through a captive breeding program. 2) Provide additional exhibit space. 3) Expand the parking capacity for visitors and employees, and 4) Create a prominent entrance off Park Boulevard. The proposal would affect six separate parcels: The War Memorial Parcel, Old Globe Way and Parking Area, Archery Range, Balboa Park Miniature Railroad, The Carousel, Richmond Street Off-Ramp, and Zoo Parking Lot. A full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and a General Development Plan will also be required. City staff has determined that the proposed expansion is not consistent with either the Master Plan or the Precise Plan, and therefore requires amendments to both Plans. The Society’s lease agreement with the City would also need to be amended to consolidate the expanded area into one leasehold.

Ms. Leisa Lukes, Project Manager from the Planning and Development Review Department, and Ms. Robin Shifflet, Project Manager from the Northern Parks Division, answered questions from Board members.

Committee Reports

Balboa Park Committee: Ms. Lacy reminded everyone that summer activities have begun in Balboa Park. The Japanese Friendship Garden is undergoing a major renovation that will make it an even more tranquil and beautiful place to visit when completed. The Russian perspective on World War II is currently on exhibit at the Municipal Gym.

June 17, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, Night & Day – 45. Ear Candy: Summer festival lineup pumps new excitement into historic Spreckels Organ, by Valerie Scher . . . 12th Annual International Summer Organ Festival from June 21 through August 30 (except for August 23).

June 18, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. Zoo expansion foes speak out yesterday at Planning Commission meeting but formal review of proposal is approved, by James Steinberg.

June 19, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-15. Letters:

Robert Horwitz, North Park: “The plan is amendable only if there is a clear case of public benefit. The zoo has simply not made a credible case.”

Chuck Lungerhausen, San Diego: “The War Memorial building is used for public meetings now. The veterans deserve more honor than is being shown by the zoo developers.”

June 20, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-8. On the Way to the Millennium/San Diego Century/Amid despair, a new foundation/The 1930s: Another exposition growing military presence lighten Depression, by Ann Jarmusch.

With new and renovated buildings and gardens completed in a matter of months (by an army of 4,000 laborers) the (California Pacific International) exposition attracted 7.2 million international visitors [sic] by the time it closed in September 1936. The enterprise — intended as a diversion and economic spur in troubled times — blossomed into a symbol of San Diego’s resilience and reconfirmed its coveted status as a playground in paradise.

June 20, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-9. House of Sweden will celebrate amid renovation, by Caroline Dipping.

Construction dust and debris won’t hinder the House of Sweden’s plan to usher in the “season of light” with its annual Heritage Festival from noon to 3 p.m. today in Balboa Park.

A $50,000 interior renovation of the 64-year-old House of Sweden began two months ago. The city of San Diego, which owns the 28 international cottages in the park, recently completed $700,000 worth of exterior improvements on all the cottages, including lead abatement, roof retiling and painting.

So far the House of Sweden has raised $40,000 of the $50,000 needed for its renovation through food fairs, Christmas on the Prado and donations.

June 21, 1999, Letter, Christine Kehoe, Councilmember, Third District, to Richard Amero: Rest assured that I understand the possible environmental, traffic and noise implications of the expansion of the Zoo.”

June 24, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1, B-8, B-10. Full of budget optimism, San Diego goes on a spree, by Ray Huard.

Accustomed in the past to looking for ways to cut spending, council members were treated yesterday to an extra $10.7 million in unanticipated tax revenue on top of the optimistic budget proposal City Manager Michael Uberuaga offered in May.

June 26, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. A part of Bay-Park Link is inked in; 12th Avenue changes approved in concept, by Ronald W. Powell.

Twelfth Avenue — from C Street south to K Street — is the focus of beautification and traffic circulation improvements.

Under the design concept, the northbound traffic lane along 12th would be closed from K Street north to C Street, allowing widening of the sidewalk on the east side of 12th Avenue from 27 to 33 feet

June 27, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, G-2. EDITORIAL: A vital parking link, how one structure could fill many needs.

At the southern edge of Balboa Park, right next to Interstate 5 and adjacent to Park Boulevard, there’s a large, underutilized paved area on a slope in the Inspiration Point area. There’s nothing terribly inspiring about it; it’s a deteriorating parking lot near the U. S. Naval Hospital.

Why not consider solving the parking problems for Balboa Park, the zoo and the ballpark all at once by building a large parking building on that site? Zoo officials have considered this option, saying it would have to be linked to the zoo by a monorail or other high-speed transport.

June 27, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, G-3. Letters:

James S. Caldwell, San Diego: “This ‘New Century’ Zoo plan appears to be a not-so-subtle power grab.”

Sandor Johnson, Encinitas: “Instead of relying on increased parking with a five-story parking structure, the zoo, in conjunction with public transportation officials and Sea World, should develop a joint plan to increase public access to both attractions.”

Ralph Butlin, San Diego: “The parking structure could be built in the canyon wall across Park Boulevard and before Florida Drive.”

June 28, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, D-14. The San Diego Hall of Champions Museum, new bigger house of dreams, better facility in Balboa Park opens this week, by Gabe Elizondo.

July, 1999, North Park News, Vol. 7. No. 6. (Planning) Commission Ignores Public Outcry Over zoo Expansion, by Jane Cartmill.

July 1, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-15 Letters:

Tony Harris, Hillcrest: “While the zoo would like us to believe the expansion is for

preserving our environment, it hopes we don’t notice that the floors of its swanky Albert’s restaurant are paved with the tropical hardwoods harvested from our vanishing rain forest, nor remember that a few years ago, the two dozen or so beautiful old palm trees in its parking lot were cut away to add enough asphalt to accommodate a few more motor homes.”

Fred Willis, Solana Beach: “Your suggestion of a monorail system linking auto parking areas at Balboa Park to downtown and the new ballpark is ingenious.”

July 4, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, G-3. Letter: Jay Hyde, San Diego — “Free parking is important to Balboa Park, not because of the Zoo but because of those people who want to bring their families there but cannot afford to pay for parking.”

July 4, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-1. Mastering the art of balance; Ron Bacigalupi — museum chief draws on love of creative process to guide him, by Robert L. Pincus.

But Houston is about to become history for him. Southern California beckons Bacigalupi, 39, whom the San Diego Museum of Art’s board of trustees selected in March to become the sixth director in its 73-year history. (He officially begins his duties on August 2.)

July 5, 1999, Los Angeles Times, Home Edition, Part A Section, A-3. California and the West: Veterans Up in Arms Over Zoo Proposal, by Tony Perry.

“To rip up a war memorial to build a parking garage is like ripping out somebody’s heat so it can be sold for a transplant,” said DAV chapter Cmdr. Michael Getty, 85.

July 12, 1999, Balboa Park Committee.

Action Items

Adoption (Each adoption item requires individual action).

  1. House of Puerto Rico – Proposed Construction Design.
  2. Founders Plaza

Information Items.

  1. Balboa Park Golf Course Master Plan

July 12, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. Zoo expedition: a quest for parking; bid for 24.5 acres of parkland draws fire from veterans, others, by James Steinberg.

Wherever a structure is built though the one thing the zoo doesn’t want to do is pay for it; thus, the parking fee.

July 14, 1999, Design Review Committee

Action Items

  1. Balboa Park – Founders Plaza . . . Darren Greenhalgh – Staff, Public Buildings and Park Division; Michael Theilacker – Landscape Architect.

Motion by S. Andrews, seconded by K. Fulhorst to approve the proposed General

Development Plan for Founders Plaza.

Vote: Unanimous approval (7 members present)

Information Items

  1. Balboa Park – Golf Course Clubhouse – Master Plan . . . Mark Marney, Staff,

Northern Parks Division; Jack Gallagher – Architect.

Mark Marney from the Northern Parks Division and Jack Gallagher, architect from the Dahlin Group, presented the proposed concept for the Balboa Park Golf Course Clubhouse Master Plan. The proposed concept generally received positive input from Committee members. The Committee asked the architect to examine the character of the surrounding neighborhood and to incorporate some of the significant elements of the neighborhood into the final architecture for the Clubhouse. The Master Plan is scheduled for completion in the fall of this year. The final Master Plan will return to this Committee as an Action item.

July 14, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1, B-2. After major overhaul, lily pond is afloat again; plants, mosquito fish replace turtles, koi, by James Steinberg..

July 15, 1999, Park and Recreation Board

Director’s Report

Aquafest is being held at Kearns Pool in Balboa Park from noon until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 24th. A Health and Safety Fair will run concurrently with Aquafest.

An article in Decorator and Style Magazine features Balboa Park and the Medallion Awards that Balboa Park, Mission Trails Regional Park and Mission Bay Park received.

The FY 2000 Park and Recreation Budget has been cut by 2 percent. . . . Over $4 million was approved for deferred maintenance in Balboa Park and Mission Bay Park.

Committee Reports – Balboa Park Committee: Ms. Lacy reported that Founder’s Day will be celebrated at Presidio Park, July 17. She also was very pleased about the addition of a Park Ranger program for the open space park being developed at the mouth of the San Diego River. Many great activities are going on in Balboa Park.

Design Review Committee: Mr. Glassman reported that the action item moving Founders’ Plaza to the west entrance to Balboa Park was approved.

July 22, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-15. Letters:

Wallace Danielson, San Carlos: Get rid of the mosquito fish and return koi to lily pond . . . “Who wants to look at tiny mosquito fish?”

Daniel R. Drew, San Diego: “The mosquito fish are aggressive, and eat fins of exotic

looking fish until the victim cannot swim.”

  1. W. Yeager, San Diego: ” . . . be it noted that the lovely lilies bloom from about April to

October; our koi delighted literally thousands of people all year round, even from October to April. Replace ‘em please.”

July 28, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune. Historical Society’s museum hit by a flood yesterday, by Jeff McDonald . . . contractors broke a water pipe on the roof of the Casa de Balboa.

July 29, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, A-3. Coming back to Park soon: new museum with big name . . . Museum of Photographic Arts.

July 30, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-4, B-6. Ford Tri-Motor (1928 plane) soars to a happy landing; joins displays at San Diego Aerospace Museum, by James Steinberg . . . three-ton aircraft hoisted by crane and moved from lawn in front of the Aerospace Museum to the museum’s inner courtyard, 50 yards away. . . . There it joined a PBY Catalina flying boat, a MiG-17, an F-4 Phantom jet fighter and a Vietnam War-era Bell Huey Cobra helicopter. . . . workers re continuing to enclose the courtyard with a 22,500-square-foot fabric cover..

July 31, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-15. Letters:

Marilyn H. Lepore, La Mesa: “Overall the efforts of the zoo administrators to expand into Balboa Park seem both arrogant and profit-driven. With the acquisition of the nearby carousel and miniature train and the construction of restaurants and gift shops in the present parking lot, the San Diego Zoo is in danger of becoming just another theme park.”

Peggy Mazzella, Mission Hills: “(The zoo) wants to relocate the Veterans building, fine a new site for archers, displace the carousel, take over the model railroad, take away the Old Globe parking and building a parking structure on the only open parkland north of the Zoo. For shame.”

Dan Williams, San Carlos: “Let’s see, we have the world-famous San Diego Zoo and a park that is among the best in the world, drawing not only locals but people from all parts of the world. Maybe we should institute some kind of tax on tourists to pay for such things. . . . Nah, that would never work.”

August, 1999, ZOONOOZ. Direct Line: Some Facts About OUR NEW CENTURY ZOO, by Douglas G. Myers, Executive Director.

August 3, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-3, B-10. City partly funds a 12th Avenue promenade, also seeks grants, by Roy Huard.

Council members voted unanimously to put $2.1 million in redevelopment money toward the $7.1 million street beautification project.

The plan would turn 12th Avenue into a one-way street heading south with sidewalks on the west side expanded so they would be between 26 feet and 33 feet wide. A bicycle lane would be added and northbound traffic would be diverted to 13th Street.

August 4, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune. Earl Thomas Schultz, curator, admits stealing reptiles from zoo; netted $70,000 by selling rare Australian pythons, by Valerie Alvord.

August 8, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-18. Work in progress: Natural History Museum to get a complete makeover; $20 million renovation and expansion scheduled to be completed in January 2001 (illus.).

August 8, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, D-3. Letter, Alfred C. Strohlein, San Diego: “To no one’s surprise, Anheuser-Busch, in a frenzied petition drive last summer, inveigled the electorate to overturn a 1972 ordinance limiting the height of structures to be erected in the coastal zone. Even after its narrow victory, representatives of the “aquatic entertainment industry” still insisted that they had no idea what the wanted the extra height for.”

August 22, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, A-1. Panda cub new arrival at San Diego Zoo; birth is first in Western Hemisphere in nearly 10 years; by Jeff McDonald.

August 25, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. A hawk takes lead in panda’s care; over three years keeper Kathy Hawk has developed a close relationship with bears, by James Steinberg.

August 29, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1, B-5. School district, Zoo talk land deal; secret discussions rile some in community, by Maureen Magee.

Submitted to the city this summer, the “New Century Zoo” plan makes no mention of acquiring Roosevelt Junior High School of Park Boulevard.

August 31, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-3. Zoo school: The latest Balboa Park land grab being considered by the San Diego Zoo — taking the site of Roosevelt Junior High School on the park’s northern edge in exchange for building a new junior high elsewhere — isn’t quite as mad as the previous idea of tearing down the Veterans War Memorial Building and rousting the archers.

September 3, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-5. Obituary: W. Allen Perry, park superintendent, banker, by Jack Williams.

In 1934, Mr. Perry was appointed landscape architect for the 1935-36 California Pacific International Exposition in Balboa Park. Mr. Perry was promoted to assistant park director in November 1935 and became park superintendent in March 1939.

September 5, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-13. Homescape/Gardening — Friendship from the ground up; symbolic garden is a place to enjoy our connection to nature’s grace, by James Steinberg.

The garden was designed by Takeo Useugi, who teaches Japanese landscaping at Cal Poly Pomona. Useugi even hand-picked and supervised the placing of each of the garden’s rocks and boulders — 100 tons of them — down to the fraction of an inch, said Tom Yanagihara, president of the Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego.

September 7, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-3, B-5. A Day With . . . Michael Ruiz, Balboa Park’s senior ranger, keeps job in perspective, by James Steinberg.

September 8, 1999, Letter, Leisa A. Lukes, City of San Diego Development Project Manager, to Richard Amero . . . New Century Zoo public workshop September 13, 1999, Recital Hall, Balboa Park, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

September 8, 1999, Design Review Committee

Staff Report: Staff indicated that the House of Iran was requesting a modification of their site plan to improve circulation, visibility and the relationship to the proposed House of Puerto Rico. The Design Review Committee indicated that the proposed change could be significant and that they would like to review the proposed revision. The existing and proposed site plans were sent to the Committee members for review and comments. Staff received one comment that the proposed revision was moving the cottage too close to the Hall of Nations and that it should be moved slightly closer to Pan American Road. This recommendation was forwarded to the architect.

September 12, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-2. Zoo to take expansion plan to public; will hold first of four workshops tomorrow, by James Steinberg.

September 12, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, H-2. Kumeyaays return to Balboa Park to build traditional house, by Ann Jarmusch . . . the occasion is the annual California Indian Days celebration, a free event to be held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Park Boulevard and President’s Way next Saturday and Sunday.

September 13, 1999. Balboa Park and San Diego Zoo Public Meeting — Agenda.

September 14, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-3, B-8, B-12. Two hundred meet to discuss additional zoo space; Mediation Institute of Los Angeles and the San Diego-bases Consensus Facilitation Services hired to find consensus on plan, by James Steinberg.

September 16, 1999, Park and Recreation Board

Director’s Report

Volunteer Recognition Night, held on July 29 at the Balboa Park Club, was a huge success with over 200 volunteers present.

Record crowds enjoyed this year’s Twilight in the Park Summer Concert Series held at the Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park.

Volleyball is becoming a very popular sport at the new Balboa Park Activity Center with more than 150 players participating in men’s and women’s leagues. The four open volleyball courts are always filled with waiting lists of teams wanting to play.

Committee Reports – Balboa Park Committee: Mc. Lacy spoke briefly regarding the Zoo Expansion and that she had not been noticed for the Workshop held on September 13. The newly renovated Japanese Friendship Garde Re-dedication was held on September 9. A press conference will be held at 10 a.m. on September 17 regarding the Millennium Celebration in Balboa Park. Ms. Lacy also spoke in opposition of any possible changes to the scenic sections of SR-163 that runs through the Balboa Park area and Mr. Leyton was also in agreement. Ms. McLatchy explained that a task force is being created and one of the representatives will be from the Park and Recreation Department.

September 16, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, Night & Day -44. Stop the Carping . . . Japanese Friendship Garden reopens Tuesday, by Kerry Terry.

Aside from the koi pond, other new features in the Japanese Friendship Garden include the addition of a redesigned entry with an open-air plaza, a bonsai display garden and a tea pavilion. The new multipurpose activity center will serve as a place for cultural, educational and group meetings. Pre-existing features include the sukiya-style exhibit house, which was built in 1990, and the Zen-style stone garden. Throughout the garden are typical Japanese flowers and trees, including bamboo, conifers and wisteria.

September 18, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-15. Letters:

Harold Segal, San Diego: “If the zoo does in fact need more space, it is readily available in the Wild Animal Park. But, please, leave Balboa Park alone!”

Michael Williams, San Diego: “Our zoo is already world-class. But so is Balboa Park. It is also a finite space, and continued zoo expansion should not be an option.”

Jim Ricker, San Diego: “The idea that just because a lease-holder wants to change the terms of a lease is not reason enough to change the Master Plan of Balboa Park seems to be foreign to the planning and review people at City Hall.”

Brian Byrne, Mission Beach: “The continued expansion of the zoo is necessary for the continued success of its endangered species efforts. Pretty soon we will only be able to see these animals in zoos since they won’t be in the wild anymore.”

Claudia Miller, La Mesa: “The people who are opposed to the zoo expansion are the same people who don’t care if the California condor becomes extinct.”

Charles F. Bethel, San Diego: “The zoo seems well on the way to becoming the tail wagging the Balboa Park dog.”

Elizabeth Bradley, San Diego: “Today’s new zoo exhibits require more space to allow animals to live in more natural environments instead of cages.”

Andrew Simmons, San Diego: “The zoo is asking to convert a portion of the land it already leases into additional exhibits and a parking structure which is 60 percent underground, and do it at its own expense.”

Collie M. Mattfeld, Rancho Bernardo: “Two letters this week (September 12 and 15) describing Legoland’s hot pursuit of $6 parking fees are forerunners of the zoo’s effort to build a multilevel pay-for-parking ($5) terrace on the old War Memorial Building site.”

September 23, 1999, Los Angles Times, Home Edition, Calendar Section, F-4. Best Bets: Saturday 9/25; all day: Museums . . . “Star Wars: The Magic of Myth” opens at the San Diego Museum of Art.

September 24, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1, B-3, B-16. Japanese Friendship Garden returns; Balboa Park site reopens to public after yearlong renovation, by Michael Stetz.

September 25, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-7, B-3. Zoo, city to split cost of mediation of expansion plans in Balboa Park, by Ray Huard.

City planners signed a $14,000 contract yesterday with professional mediators to help resolve a dispute over the San Diego Zoo’s expansion proposals.

The city and the Zoological Society of San Diego will split the tab to hire “facilitators” from the Mediation Institute of Los Angeles and the San Diego-based Consensus Facilitation Services, said Stephen Haase, who is coordinating the project for the city.

The initial nine-week contract will determine who wants to participate, what the underlying disagreements are, whether all sides want to talk, and whether mediation would work, said Mediation Institute president Alma Knaster.

Should the zoo and the city decide to proceed, the process would likely take six months and might cost up to $26,000 more, Knaster said.

Normally, the city expects the person or organization proposing a project — the zoo, in this case — to pay.

Haase said planners and Park and Recreation Department officials agreed to split the cost because the mediation is likely to cover issues broader than the zoo’s proposal, such as parking.

“The parking problem is a Balboa Park problem, not just a zoo problem, and it wouldn’t b fair for the zoo to pay for,” a Balboa Park problem, Haase said.

Mayor Susan Golding agrees, said her press secretary, Ric Grenell.

“The information being sought is crucial to Balboa Park as a whole, nut just the zoo,” Grenell said.

With luck, the mediators will determine not so much what all sides prefer but what each can live with, said Haase.

Fall, 1999. INSIDERS’ REPORT, San Diego Zoological Society.

October 3, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-2. Organ pavilion gathering supports sufferers of incurable eye disease, by Jeffrey M. Barker . . . More than 2,000 persons gathered at Balboa Park’s Spreckels Organ Pavilion yesterday to support sufferers of a disease that causes loss of central vision for one in 20 seniors.

October 4, 1999. Balboa Park Committee

Staff Report: Penny Scott distributed copies of the updated Park and Recreation Board roster. She distributed flyers for the Pepper Grove Playground dedication to be held on Saturday, October 9, 1999, 12 noon. Jeffery Tom provided information concerning the Arizona landfill in response to a question. Efforts are continuing to stabilize and control erosion of certain areas of the landfill with soil, mulch and landscape. He also announced the rehabilitation of the Morley Field parking lot has been completed.

Penny Scott reported on the temporary installation of two sculptures in front of the Hall of Champions for six months. The sports figures by artist Nike de Saint Phalle were placed in front of the building to promote the location of the new museum.

Information Items

  1. San Diego Zoo Expansion – Sub-committee Report

Sub-committee Chair Julianne Peters Hyde distributed copies and reviewed highlights of the preliminary report of information the committee gathered related to the proposed San Diego Zoo Expansion. Committee members worked diligently to identify issues, gather data, and contact user groups impacted by the proposal. Tim Rothans from the City Manager’s office explained the status and process for the proposed expansion and how the public review will be handled including the role of Balboa Park Committee in that process. Julianne asked if a list of the steps could be prepared and given to the Balboa Park Committee and directed staff to place adoption of the report on the Agenda for the November meeting. By a show of hands, the report was endorsed by committee members, 8 in support, 2 opposed.

Tim Rothans explained that a private meeting will be scheduled with the Balboa Park Committee and the project mediator to record their concerns, issues and comments.

  1. Expo 2000 Millennium Celebration

Penny Scott updated committee members on the Expo 2000 three-day event scheduled for the end of the year. Registration forms were mailed to committee members for several of the planned activities.

At this time, Jeffery Tom updated the committee on the Highway 163 Committee which Councilmember Chris Kehoe has formed to work with Cal Trans to come up with a design for improvements to 163 as it travels through Balboa Park which preserves it beauty and addresses safety concerns. Peggy Lacy will be a member of the Committee.

October 4, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-2. This year’s AIDS Walk attracted 20,000 to Balboa Park yesterday; participants say awareness is down, by Ray Huard.

October 8, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1, B-3, B-5. Zoo hires Steve Estrada, expansion opponent, as adviser; officials take new look at Balboa Park plan, by James Steinberg.

Estrada has argued in the past that the zoo should make better use of its current 123-acre Balboa Park leasehold, rather than seek to expand into more of the park. The zoo already is the park’s largest tenant.

He still continues to oppose zoo expansion “as submitted” to the Planning Commission, Estrada said. But when asked if he now opposed any zoo expansion at all, he replied, “not necessarily.”

Estrada’s decision comes in the same week that is name appeared on a report submitted to the city’s Balboa Park Committee, an advisory group of which he is a member.

The report, prepared by a special seven-member panel of the Balboa Park Committee, including Estrada, concludes that each of the Zoological Society’s specific proposals for expansion violates either the master plan or the precise plan. Included are the zoo’s proposed acquisition of the Veterans War Memorial Building site, Old Globe Way, a 12.2 acre Archery range, the miniature railroad and carousel, the 1-acre Richmond Street off-ramp parcel, as well as the zoo’s plans for the current parking lot.

“We believe the Zoo has failed to provide justification for additional space in Balboa Park, and we do not support the plan submitted to the City,” the report concludes. The full Balboa Park Committee, including Estrada, will vote on the report later.

October 9, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-6. Pepper Grove playground will reopen today; Balboa Park facility offers creative fun, by James Steinberg . . . the new site uses a variety of soft-impact materials, including a rubberlike compound, bark and sand. . . . $747,000 project designed by landscape architect Nicholas F. DeLorenzo.

October 18, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-1. Turn book’s pages and turn back time — “Inspired by Nature: by Iris Engstrand and Anne Bullard, a newly released history of the Natural History Museum, by Roger M. Showley.

October 21, 1999, Park and Recreation Board

Director’s Report

After an extensive renovation, the Pepper Grove Playground re-opening dedication was held on October 9 in Balboa Park.

Action Items


  1. Founders’ Plaza – Darren Greenhalgh (Public Buildings & Park Division, Engineering & Capital Projects) . . . Ms. Lacy explained that through the generosity of the Mary Elizabeth North and Mary Gaylord North Family Trust Fund, the Founder Plaza, consisting of full-sized bronze statues of Alonzo E. Horton, Ephraim W. Morse and George W. Marston will be constructed at the northwest corner of Laurel Street and Balboa Drive in Balboa Park. The Plaza will commemorate the contributions and foresightedness [sic] of these three founders and create a cultural amenity that can be enjoyed by everyone who visits the park.

The motion passed unanimously.

  1. Status of Mission Bay Park and Balboa Park COP Projects – Halla Razak (Public

Buildings and Parks Division, Engineering & Capital Projects)

Ms. Halla Razak, Deputy Director, Public Buildings and Parks Division of the Engineering and Capital Projects Department, presented a detailed slide presentation and described the COP (Certificates of Participation “Bonds”) Phase 1 projects that are all located in Balboa and Mission Bay Parks. A color brochure was distributed to the

Board members that provided photos and described the location of each improvement as well as those waiting to be funded.

  1. Status of FY 2000 Budget Deferred Maintenance Projects

Mr. Tim Rothans, Assistant to the City Manager, described the projects which are all located in Balboa and Mission Bay Parks that have been identified to receive repairs or replacement in the FY2000 budget. Mr. Rothans distributed a listing of prioritized deferred maintenance projects, based on 1998 building records. Approximately $500,000 of this money will be used for road repairs.

Committee Reports – Balboa Park Committee: Ms. Lacy reported on the October 9 Pepper Grove Playground dedication in Balboa Park and spoke briefly on the proposed Zoo expansion. Ms. Lacy and Ms. Davies attended an advisory group meeting last night regarding possible changes to the scenic section of SR-163 that runs through Balboa Park. Some alternatives discussed were lowering the speed limit and excluding large commercial vehicles from the freeway. The advisory committee plans to meet monthly. Christmas on the Prado will be celebrated from 5 to 9 p.m. on December 3rd and 4th.

October 8, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-6. In Perspective: “Art of Conservation” study in before-and-after contrast coming to Timken Friday, by Robert L. Pincus.

October 30, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-13. Museum of Photographic Arts prepares to move 6,000 photos again, this time into a pair of climate-controlled vaults designed to safeguard their contents for generations to come, by James Steinberg.

November – December, 1999. California Art Club Newsletter, San Diego Chapter.

November 1, 1999, Balboa Park Committee

Action Items

  1. Balboa Park Golf Clubhouse Master Plan
  2. Acceptance of San Diego Zoo Expansion Sub-committee Report

Information Items

  1. Highway 163 Improvements Update – Peggy Lacy
  2. Expo 2000 Millennium Celebration Update

November 1, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-4. Education: School goes to the park; third-graders from City Heights take part in space-saving pilot program, by Maureen Magee.

Curriculum is taken from the San Diego Unified School District’s academic standards.

Financed by an $18 million donation from local philanthropist Sol Price, the project has turned Rosa Parks into a sort of educational version of a teaching hospital..

November 4, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, Night & Day – 53. Rock Art ’99: Symposium sponsored by San Diego Museum of Man serves up art on the rocks.

November 6, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-5. Donald P. Bennett, sketch man of Balboa Park, draws a crowd with skills and charisma, by James Steinberg.

November 7, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, G-3. Getting on to our public golf courses, by Rick MacDonald.

November 10, 1999, Design Review Committee.

Action Items

  1. Balboa Park, Golf Course Clubhouse Master Plan – Mack Marney, staff, Northern Parks Division; Jack Gallagher, architect.

Motion by V. Marchetti, seconded by F. Blecksmith, to approved the Balboa Park Golf Clubhouse Master Plan as presented with the recommendation that the Master Plan proceed to implementation as a project that represents the high quality and character of Balboa Park.

November 11, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, Night & Day – 39. Visual Arts/Art Review: Golden Dreams; A pair of exhibits shows the singularity of California, by Robert L. Pincus . . . Pacific Arcadia: Images of California, 1600-1915; Picturing Paradise — San Diego in the Eye of the Artist, 1875-1940, Museum of Art, Balboa Park.

November 13, 1999, Los Angeles Times, Home Edition, Calendar Section, F-18. Art Review: History and Illusion Tangled up in “Arcadia” now at San Diego Museum of Art, by Leah Ollman.

November 15, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. Railroad museum can do miniature in a grand way, by James Steinberg . . . Parker Williams, one of more than 300 volunteers.

November 18, 1999, Park and Recreation Board Minutes.


From November 12- 14 the Municipal Gymnasium in Balboa Park was the site for the annual Best of the West Quad Rugby Tournament where eight of the best wheelchair rugby teams in North America met in competition. Two teams from San Diego, the “Bushwackers” and “Sharp Shadow” participated in the event sponsored by the Disabled Services Program. Ms. McLatchy praised the Disabled Services staff for the outstanding job they do. Although the staff consists of only 6 employees, their achievements are not only nationally recognized but are also internationally recognized — they are simply the best of the best!

City Access Television are running an overview and history of Balboa Park with Park Ranger Kim Duclo.


  1. If Proposition 12, a State Bond measure, is approved on March 7, 2000, the City of San Diego will received $14.4 million for local parks. Upon council approval, this initial pool of money would go towards rehab and deferred maintenance projects.


Balboa Park Committee . . . Ms. Davies reported that the report submitted by the subcommittee on the expansion plans for the zoo was the major topic of discussion. The report was formally accepted and filed but not adopted by the committee. A second meeting of the SR 163 advisory committee took place last night but Ms. Davies was unable to attend. Ms. Davies also reminded everyone about Christmas on the Prado which takes place on December 3rd and 4th from 5 to 9 p.m.

November 20, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. Desert and Sea: Visions of Baja California, curated by Exequiel Ezcurra, goes on display today in San Diego Natural History Museum, by James Steinberg.

November 21, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, C-19. Viewpoints/Staff Voices: Memo to City — Torrey, Balboa are for local golfers, by Ed Zieralski.

Leave the men’s club along. Keep the golf rates reasonable for public play.

November 22, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-2. Where Are They Now? Henry Gardiner: On reflection; ousted San Diego art museum chief appraises his tenure, by Robert L. Pincus.

November 23,1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-1. Theater Review/Datebook: How the Grinch Stole Christmas! By Anne Marie Welsh.

December, 1999, North Park News. Top of the Tank: Approaching the future with a blank sheet of paper, by Douglas Myers, Executive Director of the Zoological Society of San Diego.

December 2, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, Night & Day – 20. Balboa Park/Datebook: A Familiar Treat; Christmas on the Prado marks 22nd year, by Kelly Terry.

December 3, 1999, San Diego Natural History Museum handout describing accomplished in 1999.

December 3, 1999, San Diego Insider. Festival: Christmas on the Prado, December 3, 1999 – December 5, 1999.

December 4, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-2. Christmas fest unwrapped in Balboa Park, by Janine Zuniga.

December 12, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, E-1. Saving Grace/Datebook: Timken unveils the secrets of re-animating art and preserving the past, by Robert L. Pincus . . . The Art of Conservation: Preserving the Past for a New Millennium: Paintings and drawings from public and private collections.

December 16, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-4. World Beat Center getting new roof courtesy of J. P. Witherow Roofing Company, by James Steinberg.

December 26, 1999, Los Angeles Times, Home Edition, Travel Section, L-3. Millennium Countdown . . . adult’s only New Year’s Eve celebration in Balboa Park.

December 28, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, A-1. Earl Thomas Schultz, ex-curator, used zoo for shady deals; prosecutors say he involved San Diego institution with felon, by James Steinberg.

December 29, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-1. Exposition 2000, An Open-Air Urban Spectacular, New Year’s in the Park, by James Steinberg.

December 30, 1999, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-12, B-1. Balboa Park restaurant to debut New Year’s Eve; David Cohn, operator.

December 31, 1999-January 2,1001. Expo 2000 information.

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