Parsons took drive through Old Town and Point Loma ~ SD Union, December 26, 1902

December 26, 1902


Mr. Parsons Sees Things From Point Loma And is Enthusiastically Delighted With the Combination of Sea and Mountains

Samuel Parsons, Jr., the landscape architect, yesterday took an extended drive through Old Town and almost to the lighthouse limit of Point Loma. Mr. Parsons is enthusiastic about the wonderful beauties of all this region and its great climatic advantages.

A most interesting visit to the grounds and buildings of Point Loma homestead was made through the courtesy of Mr. Pierce, and Mr. Parsons speaks in unqualified praise of the beauty of this site, the artistic effects achieved, and the promising conditions of the whole enterprise, considered from an economic standpoint.

Mr. Parsons declares the ocean, bay, islands and mountains surrounding San Diego present one of the great views of the world. Of the value of such conditions as are afforded here, Mr. Parsons says this is a country which has all the best advantages of the most favorable regions of the world, in which the intelligence of people must lead them in coming years. The mild, bracing climate not only produces no enervation, but there is a great saving of energy in not having to fight the elements, and life under such conditions can become richer and more fruitful in unhindered development.

Mr. Parsons was accompanied on this most enjoyable Christmas outing by Mr. Marston, Mrs. Coulston and Miss Baldwin. Mrs. Coulston was on the staff of the New York Tribune, and for many years one of the editors of Garden and Forest, a vigorous exponent of park questions and practical conduct and development. The late William A. Stiles was managing editor of this journal, and as a park commissioner and personal friend was the close fellow worker with Mr. Parsons in all matters affecting the welfare of the parks of New York.

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