Parsons Will Return to New York on Wednesday ~ SD Union, December 25, 1902

December 29, 1902, 4:2


Samuel Parsons, the Landscape Architect, Will Return to New York on Wednesday

Samuel Parsons, Jr., the landscape architect, had made really marvelous progress in the matter of the new park. He has practically staked out all the tentative roads to work on, and studied the plantations, and in fact has made such progress that he feels he will be able to leave for New York on Wednesday next. Not that he has finished his work, but he has things in such shape that for the time being his presence is not absolutely necessary.

When seen last evening he said, “I have practically staked out all the tentative roads on the west side of the park. I expect to have at least three entrances between Date and Upas streets. One will probably be at Juniper street and the other several blocks up. It is proposed to open a street on the west side of the park extending from the top as Upas street to the head of the canyon, where the roughness of the country makes it impossible to continue it, but below this it will be continued. There will be two roads entering at the head of the park, at Date and Ninth streets, which will join at a point on a bluff where a splendid view of the surrounding country may be obtained. One branch will be continued our the length of the park, and the other will diverge towards the west boundary in order that a good view of the bay may be obtained. The water question is under consideration.

“In a general way, I think, I can say the trees which will be used will be the eucalyptus, pepper, pines, black acacias, and figs. The cypress will not be used because in this country in the dry season it seems to collect the dust.

“I will leave on Wednesday, and when I am gone there will be an accurate survey made, working on the lines which I have left, and my partner will come out in June. In the meanwhile, I will keep in close touch with the affairs here. The site is beautiful.”

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