Road Approvals for Park ~ SD Union, February 5, 1904

FEBRUARY 5, 1904, 5:1-2




The only matter that came before the board of works at the meeting yesterday was the matter of the board accepting the plans of the park improvement committee, which they did after much debate and a few alterations. The changes are that from Date to Fir, on the west side of the park will be placed a twenty-foot alley instead of a street, and on the north line of Caruthers’ addition from Sixth to Tenth streets, will be placed a ten-foot cement driveway.

These amendments came apparently by inspiration, after long and profitless discussion which bade fair to end in a deadlock.

The chamber of commerce committee and a number of directors were present to see the plans through, including President Homer H. Peters, Secretary Wood, George W. Marston, Akerman, Newkirk, Strahlman, Grove, Kelly and Conard. Of those who have opposed the plans as far as they relate to the southwest corner of the tract, there were present several citizens, including Charles Hardy, M. Chick and E. F. Wells. The resolution as submitted was as follows.


San Diego, February 2nd, 1904

To the Honorable Board of Public Works

We the undersigned property owners hereby petition your Honorable Body to accept the plans for developing the southwest corner of the park in compliance with the plan of the Landscape Architects Samuel Parsons & Co. All reasonable adaptations to the convenience of citizens have been made in the plans as they now stand, and we desire to express our entire confidence in the plans and work as proposed by the Park Improvement Committee.

H. Meredith Jones, U. S. Grant, Jr., J. E. Mulvey, H. H. Bancroft by Griffing Bancroft, Jr., J. H. Snyder, John H. Gay, Ed Kingston, Mrs. M. J. Wright, Emily F. Overbaugh, Mrs. F. K. Shepherd, James E. Cornell, Maria L. Cornell, Mrs. Will M. Gray, Mrs. E. M. Lutz, Mrs. F. A. Garetson, J. R. Dye, Mrs. D. C. Collier, A. G. Gasson, J. N. Boyd, Henry E. Mills, F. A. Frye, D. F. Garrettson, C. A. Scott, agent, Eunice B. Littlefield, James Simpson, Minnie Schaffnet, Henry L. Titus, Samuel G. Ingle, Samuel I. Fox, Ralph Granger, E. S. Ducan, Mrs. S. E. Winn.

The same arguments were made by Mr. Hardy and Mr. Chick which have been advanced by them at previous considerations of the matter, and were answered by Mr. Marston and Mr. Cooke. The rock on which the opposing factions threatened to split was the wish of Mr. Chick, et. al. to have the south boulevard continued across the seventeen-foot strip that it has been proposed to park, clear up to their property lines. The improvement committee stood firm against this, while the board were inclined to side with the objectors. Finally it was suggested and agreed, that the parking scheme be carried out as planned except that entrances ten feet wide be left to each lot through the 17-foot strip.

Another matter in dispute was the prolongation of Sixth street north from Date. Messrs. Hardy and Chick wanted the line continued straight, which would give a width of 125 feet to the street, or they were willing that it should be closed entirely.

It was finally agreed that a drive should be left of 20 feet along the west line of the park, which would suffice to give the property owners from Date to Fir access to and from their lots fronting toward the park. This will amount practically to the closing of the Street as far as the view north is concerned for that will take in only the park foreground as seen from further south. This plan was eminently satisfactory to Messrs. Cooke and Marston, as it gives room for planting. Mr. Marston stated that the improvements to the park will now be pushed rapidly.


At the close of the consideration of the park matter, Secretary Wood notified the board that the $1000 guarantee by the chamber of commerce toward the oiling of the road to Point Loma had been placed in the hands of the city treasurer.


Mr. Cooke says that now that the matter of plans is settled, he will at once start the work at Sixth and Date. He expects to put as many teams at work there tomorrow as can be spared from the road work, and at the beginning of this week will have men digging holes preparatory to planting. It is expected that all the rough work on the west driveway will be finished this evening when the remainder of the road will be shaped up and rolled. The work on the driveway east of Pound canyon is already begun, and in a few days plows and scrapers will be making headway there.

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