Planting Going On & Oiling of Park Ways Commenced ~ SD Union, March 29, 1904

MARCH 29, 1904, 5:2



Much Planting Going On and the Oiling of Park Ways Commenced

The southwest corner of the park has taken on a new phase during the past week and is steadily gaining in finished aspect. Neat posts have been set to prevent driving over the semi-circular approach to the winding footpath leading from the corner of South Parkway and West Parkway to the elevation where the brick monuments stand. This footpath entrance is now brought to its final level, and is compact and smooth. The low posts will be painted white, and it is planned to mask their utilitarian purpose and make a beautiful outline by covering them with the single cherokee rose festooning the intervening space. Free access will be provided to the path for foot travel. It is intended to replace this temporary arrangement with a low granite coping at some future time.

Following the plan arranged by the landscape architects, the entire slope graded since last summer, has been planted with young trees and shrubs. Workmen are now engaged in smoothing the surface of this planted area. The seventeen and a half foot strips of park land south of the line of Date street, or South Parkway, have also been planted, and promise soon to be an attractive feature.

The roadway on the west boundary, north of the line of Date street, is now graded as far as Elm street. The sidewalks on both sides of South Parkway and this roadway east of the line at Sixth street, are among the most desirable and effective improvements yet made on the park. Looking east on Date street, from Fifth, the graded and orderly thoroughfare shows up to splendid advantage, and adds greatly to the attractiveness not only of the park, but also of all this section of the city.

North of Elm street, the rough hillside is being worked down too pleasing lines, preparatory to planting. In the small canyon along the west boundary of the park, extending from Fir to Juniper streets, a force of men was yesterday engaged in planting shrubs on the west slope.

Meanwhile, the important work on the main driveway is being carried on vigorously, and each week of the coming month will mark great advance in permanent results on the park, in planting and in the oiled roads.

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