Parsons and Cooke Doing Detail Work for Four Portions of Park ~ SD Union, December 26, 1904


DECEMBER 26, 1904, 8:1


Messrs. Parsons and Cooke Doing Detail Work for Four Portions of Park

Also Working Out Plans for Beautifying the Campus of State Normal School

Samuel Parsons, the landscape architect, who is here with his partner George Cooke furthering the plans for beautifying the big San Diego city park expects to leave this week for his home in New York, leaving Mr. Cooke here for six weeks or two months or as long as he can be spared from the duties which press upon him in New York, where the firm has charge of much work for the municipality as well as for private individuals.

The days that both are here are being devoted to working out plans for the planting of certain portions of the city park. Those particular portions are:

The Golden Hill park, which was started near the head of 23rd, 24th and 25th streets by residents of Golden Hill and of which they made a very pretty place about the time that the Park Improvement committee took hold of the work.

The Russ School grounds, on which the board of education is desirous of spending some money. They desire that their work shall conform to the general plan, and, therefore, want the suggestions of those who are working out that plan.

The Children’s Home – this is located on the park – and the grounds need beautifying. The managers of the home want the plans ready as soon as the opportunity offers for some systematic planting of their home site.

Date street entrance – where a great deal of work has already been done and where much more can be done with advantage to the park. Considerable planting has been done there and many of the trees are in fine condition for the time they have been in the ground.

The Sessions garden – this is near the Upas street entrance to the park and as the ground there has been worked before, it has been thought that the planting there would be fully as successful as anywhere on the park.

Messrs. Parsons and Cooke have also been running some lines and making some plans for the improvement of the campus of the state normal school and has succeeded in interesting the landscape architects in the movement for its improvement. The legislature will be asked to appropriate money this year for the permanent improvement of the campus and the trustees want to supply the local representative at Sacramento with the plans and specifications for such improvement.

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