Western Boundary Road; Tree Planting at Mulvey Canyon ~ SD Union, December 29, 1904

DECEMBER 29, 1904, 9:3


Extension of the Western Boundary Road Will Be Commenced Today

Tree Planting at Mulvey Canyon — Mr. Parsons Left Yesterday For the East

Samuel Parsons, the landscape architect, who has been here for several weeks working on plans for the beautifying of the big city park, left yesterday for his New York home, though he will stop for a day on his way in Los Angeles. George Cooke, who is the junior partner in the firm of Parsons & Co. and who has also been here for a week, will remain for several weeks longer to superintend some of the planting which is being done this winter.

On the West Road

Work will be commenced this morning on the extension of the west boundary road, which is an extension of Sixth street from Elm street to Fir street. At that point this extension will have to stop for it is at that point that the canyada cuts across the western boundary of the park and makes road making there out of the question. This canyada, or little canyon, extends north to about Ivy street. There is no park entrance at Fir street, save by footpath, and the planned extension of Sixth street will turn west on Fir to Fifth street.

Carriages will be able to reach the park at Fir street, but will have to continue down Sixth to Date and go around to the Eighth street entrance.

Mulvey Canyon

The work of rounding out Mulvey’s canyon will also be commenced this morning or within a day or two, and several hundred trees are to be set out there in accordance with the tree-planting schedule of Messrs. Parsons and Cooke.

At the Normal School

While Mr. Parsons was here, both he and Mr. Cooke worked on plans for the improvement of the state normal school grounds and, as a result of the work, Senator Ward will introduce a bill in the legislature for an appropriation of $10,000 for the purpose. The site of the school is ideal. The building itself is almost the best that a normal school was ever put into, and the grounds should be made to correspond.

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