Golden Hill Park ~ SD Union, February 17,1905

February 17, 1905, 5:2


Golden Hill Improvement Club At First Objected But Yielded to the Eloquence of Mr. Cooke

Through a misunderstanding which at first had the appearance of cross-purposes, but was later resolved into harmony, the Golden Hill Improvement club opposed the plan of the park committee in reference to Golden Hill park, a section of the great city park. The Golden Hill park is located on Twenty-fifth street, north of A street, and although only two or three years old, is already a thing of beauty and the pride of the hill. It has many hundreds of geraniums, callas and shrubs growing, as well as a cacti plantation on the brow of the hill, overlooking Switzer canyon and the distant bay. It is a favorite resting place for the Golden Hill people and for such tourists as have had the place called to their attention.

Naturally the Golden Hill Improvement club is watching the interests of the little park jealously. Upon examination of the plans adopted for the further improvement of the park, the club or some of its members discovered that a group of canariensis (date palms) were scheduled for removal. These palms are seven years old and much admired. The club made a protest and Landscape Architect George Cook [sic], who is working with the park committee, was invited to meet with the club on Wednesday evening.

The meeting was held at the home of M. F. Heller on B street, the president of the club. There was a good attendance despite the rain. Mr. Cook was given respectful attention. He demonstrated that what was apparent loss was in reality gain. He proposed not to remove the palms to an inconspicuous place, but to make a grove of them at the Twenty-fifth street entrance. The explanation was satisfactory to the club, and Mr. Cook says the work will commence next week. There will be an extension of the present road which traverses the park, making a better detour around the edge of the bluff.

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