Notes and Articles from 1910


Park Commissioners Meeting, February 1, 1910. Marston advised the Board that the services of Samuel Parsons could be obtained for 2 to 3 weeks in February by payment of his expenses and offered to pay one-half of the expense for his services if Board would pay the other half; accepted.

San Diego Union, June 23, 1910, 6:4. Designer of City Park Revisits San Diego; Samuel Parsons, Now Living in New York, Makes Inspection Tour of City.

San Diego Union, June 26, 1910, 7:1 Plant More Trees Is Advice of Noted Artist to Park Commission; Samuel Parsons to Plan Further Improvements of City’s Pleasure Ground; Is Preparing a Report; Recommends Setting Out Eucalyptus to Outline Border of Park.

Park Commissioners Meeting, June 28, 1910. Samuel Parsons made a report as to the plan for further improvement of the city park.

San Diego Union, June 28, 1910, 8:4. The San Diego Park Commission is taking advantage of the presence of landscape architect Parsons to arrange further work in beautifying the 1,400-acre park; Parsons is furnishing the commission details of tree planting in the city park and is said to be working on plans for the improvement of the Old Town Plaza, which will be submitted to a meeting of the Board today.

San Diego Union, July 2, 1910, 9:5. To Urge Planting Trees in City Park; Samuel Parsons Will Submit His Report to Board Today.

San Diego Sun, July 4, 1910, 1:4-5. Parsons says name it Cabrillo Park.

San Diego Sun, July 5, 1910, 4:1. EDITORIAL: Mr. Parsons and the Park.

San Diego Union, July 5, 1910, II, 9:1-3. Make City Park Paradise of South, Urges Scenic Artist; Samuel Parsons Makes Lengthly Report to Civic Commission; Wants More Trees Planted.

Park Commissioners Meeting, August 23, 1910. Samuel Parsons’ bill for professional services was allowed, the amount being $400.

October 31, 1910, Marston File, Correspondence on location of Exposition, 1910-1914, San Diego Historical Society Research Archives. . . . Letter to G. W. Marston from Samuel Parsons: he would like job of landscape architect for the Exposition but cannot give it full time; wants opportunity to consider the planning scheme to see if it corresponds with his original ideas.

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