MS 281 Anne Hunt Collection

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San Diego History Center Document Collection
Hunt, Anne
Anne Hunt Collection
MS 281
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Collection materials are in English, Russian, and French.
The collection contains materials collected by Anne Hunt related to the operations of the San Diego and Coronado Ferry Company and the creation of the organization Air/Space America and the planning of their air shows.

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Anne Hunt Collection, MS 281, San Diego History Center Document Collection, San Diego, CA.

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Biographical / Historical Notes

Little is known about Anne Hunt, except that she had a connection with and collected materials from both the San Diego and Coronado Ferry Company and Air/Space America.

The San Diego and Coronado Ferry Company moved all modes of transportation, from horse drawn buggies to cars, from downtown San Diego to Coronado Island beginning April 15, 1886. The need for ferry service ended with the opening of the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge, August 2, 1969.

Anne Hunt held the positions of Exhibitions Coordinator, Marketing Assistant, and Marketing and Exhibit Coordinator with Air/Space America. Air/Space America was a San Diego-based non-profit organization founded in 1985 to put on an international air show that would compete with the most well-known air shows in Paris, France and Farnborough, England. Air/Space America organized and conducted an air show, May 13-22, 1988, at Brown Field in Otay Mesa. The next air show planned for May 4-13, 1990 was abruptly cancelled in late April 1990 and the organization declared bankruptcy shortly thereafter. At the time of its bankruptcy, it owed 300 creditors between $2.5 million and $4.5 million. The creditors included the City of San Diego, which wanted the organization to pay $150,000 for damages to Brown Field incurred after the 1988 air show.

Few of the major airframe manufacturers, like Boeing, Lockheed or McDonnell Douglas attended the 1988 show, instead favoring the aerospace industry’s already established shows.

Air/Space America officials blamed the City of San Diego for the demise of the aerospace shows. They claimed that by postponing approval of the 1990 air show, City officials hampered fund-raising activities planned by the organization to erase debt incurred from the 1988 show. Air/Space America officials said the City would not provide the organization with a multiyear commitment for Brown Field, which caused a group of investors, who were ready to put up nearly $3 million, to change their mind.

The City of San Diego blamed Air/Space America for its own destruction, citing mismanagement and an adversarial relationship with City staff. Council member Bob Filner also blamed Air/Space America for being poorly managed and for not having a sound financial plan. No creditor ever received all the money they were owed. At the time of its bankruptcy Air/Space America only had about $24,000 in assets. Four former Air/Space America employees approached The City of San Diego with plans for another 1990 air show called The U.S Airshow, but the plans never came to fruition.

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Scope and Content

The collection contains materials collected by Anne Hunt while employed at the San Diego and Coronado Ferry Company and Air/Space America. San Diego and Coronado Ferry Company materials include employee bulletins, memorandums, and notices, as well as passenger tabulations and San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge commemoration materials from August 2, 1969. The bulk of the collection relates to the formation of the organization Air/Space America and the planning of two air shows. The collection includes organization overview presentations, Board of Directors meeting minutes and biographies, and research conducted on the Pacific Rim. Materials relating to Air/Space 88 also include correspondence and planning for opening day activities, such as participation of Vice President George Bush, San Diego Mayor Maureen O’Conner, and other politicians. Exhibitor materials include invoices, applications to exhibit, finances, and correspondence. Air/Space 90, the planned but not executed air show, includes correspondence, participation, and press. Additionally, press and correspondence related to Congressman Bob Wilson, one of the Air/Space America founders, are also contained in the collection.

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Collection is arranged into five series:

Series I: San Diego and Coronado Ferry Company

Series II: Air/Space America

Series III: Air/Space America 88 (air show)

Series IV: Air/Space America 90 (air show)

Series V: Miscellanea

Items within each series are arranged by subject.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

San Diego History Center Document Collection May 2, 2012

1649 El Prado, Suite 3
San Diego, CA, 92101

Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open for research.

Conditions Governing Use

The San Diego History Center (SDHC) holds the copyright to any unpublished materials. SDHC Library regulations do apply.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Accession number 2002.103.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Alison Hennessey on May 2, 2012.

Collection processed as part of grant project supported by the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) with generous funding from The Andrew Mellon Foundation.

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Related Materials

Separated Materials

Air/Space America 90 promotional VHS videotape previously separated to Videotape Collection, VT 205.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Air/Space America.
  • Lee Company, The.
  • San Diego (Calif.). City Council.
  • San Diego and Coronado Ferry Company.
  • TacTech, Inc..
  • Tech Pubs Hal, Inc..
  • Technofan, Inc..
  • Teledyne, Inc..
  • Tennant Company.
  • Texstar, Inc..
  • Thermal Equipment Corporation.
  • Thermal Structures, Inc..
  • Thermo Electron Corporation.
  • Tiernay Metals.
  • Tiodize Company, Inc..
  • Tracor Flight Systems.
  • Tri-Models, Inc..
  • Trimble Navigation Ltd..
  • Trontech, Inc..
  • TRW Space and Defense.
  • U. S. Air Tool Company, Inc..
  • U. S. Paint.
  • U. S. Welding Corporation.
  • United Engineering Steels Ltd..
  • United Instruments, Inc..
  • United Parcel Service.
  • United States. Air Force.
  • United States. Immigration Border Patrol.
  • Universal Alloy Corporation.
  • University of North Dakota.
  • USA Information Systems, Inc..
  • V Band Corporation.
  • Valcor Engineering Corporation.
  • Vantage.
  • Vard Newport.
  • Vector Aeromotive Corporation and Vehicle Design Force.

Geographic Name(s)

  • Coronado (Calif.)
  • San Diego (Calif.)
  • San Diego-Coronado Bridge

Personal Name(s)

  • Burgener, Claire W.
  • Hatfield, Guy E.
  • Hunt, Anne
  • Kerch, Charles G.
  • Klein, Herbert G. (Herbert George), 1918-2009
  • Parma, Leon
  • Van Deerlin, Lionel
  • Walsh, William A.
  • Wilson, Bob, 1916-
  • Wilson, David F. (Bud)


  • Aeronautics — Exhibitions
  • Air shows
  • Aircraft industry
  • Ferries

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Collection Inventory

 Series I: San Diego and Coronado Ferry Company

Operations, 1958 March 10–1969 February 25 and undated


Internal bulletins and memorandums

Passenger tabulations by vessel

San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge, 1969 August-September


“Commutation Ticket Book” (empty)

“Certificate” issued by Walker Scott Company of San Diego, commemorating the opening of the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge, August 2, 1969

Miscellanea, 1959 August 21 and undated


Ferry ticket book

Commemorative book produced by Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of San Diego, honoring the San Diego and Coronado Ferry Company

“Notice to Mariners” issued by the U.S. Coast Guard


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 Series II: Air/Space America

Planning and development, 1987 January 28–1988 November 30 and undated


IRS letter in response to application for tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) organization

Letter containing legal advice on creating memberships for Air/Space America

Planning and development,


Presentation proposing creation of Air/Space America and air shows (copy in Box 1, Folder 4).

Governance and organizational structure, 1988 September 26 and undated


Descriptions for positions held by the Board of Directors and staff

Board of Directors biographies, undated


Biographies of Claire W. Burgener, Guy E. Hatfield, Charles G. Kerch, Herbert G. Klein, Leon Parma, Lionel Van Deerlin, William A. Walsh, Bob Wilson, David F. Wilson (Bud).

Board of Directors meeting minutes and memo, 1989 1:7
Pacific Rim Research, 1985 February 21–1988 September and undated


Profile on the Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies, Inc.

Information sheet and pamphlet on the University of Southern California Pacific Rim Management Programs

“Focus on Japan,” newsletter

Articles on the Pacific Rim from the U.S. State Department

Pacific Rim Research, 1986 May 4


Articles on Pacific Rim aviation, San Diego Union (Opinion section), May 4, 1986

Articles, 1987 July 13–1989 July 10 and undated 1:9
Miscellanea, 1986 August 1–1989 April 18 and undated


Photograph of unidentified people in front of airplane

Telegram and articles from the Department of Commerce regarding USFCS Munich

International calling instructions

Memo from The U.S. Air Show regarding the formation of a new organization to take over the 1990 air show in San Diego, April 18, 1989

Independent Insurance Agents Association of California Biographical Questionnaire for David F. Wilson (Bud), August 1, 1986

“Air and Ground Operations Checklists” from the International Council for Air Shows News, First Quarter, 1989

“Information Manual” for Air/Space America, compiled by National University


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 Series III: Air/Space America 88 (air show)

Planning presentations, 1987 October 5–1988 March 24

Scope and Content:

“Proposal to Produce High-Exposure Program for Air/Space America” prepared by Gordon Publications, October 5, 1987

Planning photographs, undated 1:12
Opening Day planning, 1988 April 29 and undated


Schedules, participants, announcer scripts, and reports for opening day activities

General correspondence, 1986 December 12–1988 May 10 and undated 1:14
Opening Day correspondence, 1988 April 1–June 13 1:15
Soviet participation (some in Russian), 1987 November 19–1988 May 6 and undated


Pamphlets and specifications on Soviet aircraft


“Soviet Aerospace” (newsletter)

Exhibitor: The Lee Company, 1988 February 15 – April 28 1:17
Exhibitor: Ministry of Aviation Industry of the U.S.S.R, 1988 March 23-April 25 1:18
Exhibitor: TacTech, Inc., 1988 March 8–August 5 and undated 1:19
Exhibitor: Technofan, Inc., 1988 January 8–August 19 and undated 1:20
Exhibitor: Tech Pubs Hal, Inc., 1987 November 23–1988 May 13 and undated 1:21
Exhibitor: Teledyne, Inc., 1987 December 11-1988 November 1 and undated 1:22
Exhibitor: Tennant Company, 1988 August 5 1:23
Exhibitor: Texstar, Inc., 1988 February 22–May 5 1:24
Exhibitor: Thermal Equipment, Corp., 1987 December 22–1989 March 10 1:25
Exhibitor: Thermal Structures, Inc., 1988 March 23–August 5 1:26
Exhibitor: Thermo Electron, Corp., 1987 December 14-1988 April 18 1:27
Exhibitor: Tiernay Metals, 1988 March 16–April 19 1:28
Exhibitor: Tijuana Tourism & Conventions Bureau, 1988 May 11 1:29
Exhibitor: The Times Company, San Diego County Division, 1988 May 19–August 5 1:30
Exhibitor: Tiodize Company, Inc., 1987 December 11–1988 August 5 1:31
Exhibitor: Tracor Flight Systems, 1988 April 27–May 5 1:32
Exhibitor: Trimble Navigation Ltd., 1987 September 14–1988 April 27 1:33
Exhibitor: Tri-Models, Inc., 1988 February 9–August 5 2:1
Exhibitor: Trontech, Inc., 1988 February 17–May 10 2:2
Exhibitor: TRW Space & Defense, 1987 December 17–1988 August 5 2:3
Exhibitor: United Engineering Steels, Ltd., 1987 November 6–1988 May 9 2:4
Exhibitor: United Instruments, Inc., 1987 September 17–1988 April 28 2:5
Exhibitor: United Parcel Service, 1988 May 5 2:6
Exhibitor: Universal Alloy Corp., 1988 March 4–May 6 2:7
Exhibitor: University of North Dakota, 1988 April 28-30 2:8
Exhibitor: U.S.A. Information Systems, Inc., 1988 April 14–May 10 2:9
Exhibitor: U.S. Air Force Recruiting, 1988 May 11 2:10
Exhibitor: U.S. Air Force Reserve, undated 2:11
Exhibitor: U.S. Air Tool Company, Inc., 1987 September 14–1988 May 4 and undated 2:12
Exhibitor: U.S. Border Patrol, 1988 May 11 2:13
Exhibitor: U.S. Paint, 1988 April 26–June 30 2:14
Exhibitor: U.S. Welding Corp., 1988 May 9-12 2:15
Exhibitor: Valcor Engineering, 1987 July 15–1988 May 5 and undated 2:16
Exhibitor: Vantage, 1987 September 4–1988 June 27 and undated 2:17
Exhibitor: Vard Newport, 1988 March 10–April 28 2:18
Exhibitor: V Band, Corp., 1987 August 14–1988 August 15 and undated 2:19
Exhibitor: Vector Aeromotive Corp. & Vehicle Design Force, 1988 May 11–August 5 2:20
Exhibitor exit interviews, 1988 May 21-28 2:21
Report on Educational Component, 1988 June 18 2:22
Directory, Program, and Brochures (some in French), 1988 2:23
Photographs, 1988 May 2:24
Articles, 1986–1988 2:25

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 Series IV: Air/Space America 90 (air show)

“Profile of a Major Aerospace Trade Expo” and business plan, 1987-1988 and undated 2:26
Finances, 1989 December 31–1990 March 31


Expense, revenue and exhibit sales projections

Balance sheet; account statements; checks

Internal office communication, 1989 January 3–1990 April 21


Memo to staff regarding “difficulties with the city over site preparation and permits at Brown Field,” April 17, 1990.

Letter dated April 20, 1990, to all staff from William H. Patterson, President of Air/Space America, explaining that with the cancellation of the air show, the organization must let go of all staff.

External planning correspondence, 1989 January 18–1990 April 12


Letter from Congressmen Bob Dornan, Duncan Hunter, Bill Lowery, and Ron Packard to Vice President Dan Quayle requesting his presence at the 1990 air show.

Requests for information regarding the 1990 air show from the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq, Israel Aircraft Industries, Ltd., and Hitachi Denshi, Ltd. (Canada).

San Diego City Council, 1985–1990


“A Chronology of Air/Space America” documents the relationship between Air/Space America and the San Diego City Council, August 1985 to February 1989

“Minutes of the Council of the City of San Diego for the Regular Meeting of Tuesday, April 25, 1989,” describes the “council action” to authorize $300,000 expenditure for the 1990 air show

Soviet participation (some in Russian), 1988 December 19–1990 April 11 and undated


Correspondence and notes

Brochures, 1990


Air/Space America 90 air show brochure

Exhibitor information brochure

News releases, 1989 July 18 and undated 2:33
Newsletter proposal, undated 2:34
Articles, 1988–1990 and undated 2:35
Miscellanea, 1989-1990


Copy of a California Legislature Resolution to declare May 1990 as Air/Space America 90 month in the State of California


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 Series V: Miscellanea

Bob Wilson papers, 1960–1996 and undated


Letter from Congressman Bob Wilson to Mrs. Charles M. Ackert regarding Wilson’s campaign, August 17, 1960.

“Chowder and Marching Club Roster,” May 1996.

San Diego Union article, “Rep. Wilson Disputes ITT About Memo.”

Blank notepaper with “House of Representatives” and “Bob Wilson” inscription.


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