Time of the Bells, 1769-1835

CHRONOLOGY: 1769-1835

1769   Founding of San Diego Mission and beginning of Western civilization on West Coast.

1769   Indian uprising against San Diego Mission.

1770   Founding of Presidio and Mission at Monterey.

1773   Fr. Junipero Serra arrives in Mexico to obtain permission to run missionary activities without interference of presidio.

1773   The Boston “Tea Party”

1774   San Diego military camp raised to Royal Presidio.

1774   San Diego Mission removed from presidio, to present site.

1774   Juan Bautista de Anza leads overland expedition from Mexico to California.

1775   Indian uprising at San Diego Mission. Martyrdom of Fr. Luis Jayme; mission destroyed.

1776   Yuma Indians massacre Spanish settlers along the Colorado River.

1776   Juan Bautista de Anza leads a colonizing expedition to San Francisco.

1776   The Thirteen Colonies declare their independence of Great Britain.

1776   San Diego Mission re-established.

1777   Founding of California’s first pueblo, San José de Guadalupe.

1778   James Cook, an English navigator, discovers the Hawaiian Islands; visits the northern California Coast.

1779   Gov. Felipe de Neve issues Reglamento on governing and colonizing of California.

1781   Founding of the Pueblo de Nuestra Señora Reina de los Angeles.

1782   Pedro Fages opens new route from Sonora directly to San Diego over Cuyamaca Mountains.

1783   Fr. Junipero Serra visits San Diego Mission for the last time.

1784   Death of Fr. Junipero Serra, at Mission San Carlos. Fr. Francisco Palóu becomes Father President of the California missions.

1784   Granting of first private ranchos in California by Gov. Pedro Fages.

1785   Fr. Fermin de Lasuén becomes Father President of the California missions.

1786   The French navigator, La Pérouse, visits California.

1787   Adoption of the Constitution of the United States of America.

1792   Capt. Robert Gray, an American ship captain, discovers the Columbia River.

1793   George Vancouver arrives on Discovery at San Diego Harbor.

1795   Fort projected on Ballast Point (Point Guijarros).

1796   Fortifications completed at San Diego Presidio.

1796   Arrival of the Otter at Monterey marks the opening of the historic New England-California trade.

1798   Founding of the San Luis Rey Mission.

1799   English sloop-of-war, Mercedes, arrives at San Diego.

1800   First American ship, Betsy, arrives at San Diego.

1803   The Louisiana Purchase.

1803   The Spanish battery on Fort Guijarros fires on American ship, the Lelia Byrd.

1805   The Lewis and Clark Expedition reaches the mouth of the Columbia River.

1806   Zebulon R. Pike’s Expedition to the Rocky Mountains.

1806   Capt. O’Cain on the Eclipse threatens to attack San Diego.

1808   Construction of new San Diego Mission church structure begins.

1810   Mexican War of Independence.

1812   Opening of the War of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain.

1812   Founding of the Russian colony at Fort Ross, Bodega Bay.

1813   San Diego Mission church completed; aqueduct system under construction.

1813   Soldiers arrested in plot to revolt and seize post at San Diego.

1818   Hippolyte de Bouchard raids the California Coast.

1821   Mexico wins independence from Spain and establishes a short-lived empire under Agustin de Iturbide.

1822   The Sachem begins hide trade between Boston and San Diego.

1822   San Diego officially under Mexican rule.

1823   William P Hartnell arrives in San Diego aboard the John Begg.

1823   Founding of the last of the California missions, San Francisco de Solano, at Sonoma.

1823   First of private ranchos granted in San Diego County.

1824   Colonization Law passed by Mexican Congress.

1825   Gov. José Maria Echeandia establishes rule at San Diego.

1825   Population begins to move downhill from San Diego Presidio to Old Town.

1826   Jedediah S. Smith arrives in San Diego, opening a route from Salt Lake to Southern California.

1826   Death of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

1826   San Diego Presidio soldiers skirmish with Indians, killing 28.

1827   French Capt. Duhaut-Cilly visits San Diego.

1827   Deputies meet in San Diego to organize territorial assembly.

1828   American ship, Franklin, forced to flee San Diego under fire.

1828   Trapper James O. Pattie imprisoned in San Diego.

1829   Alfred Robinson arrives at San Diego, on Brookline.

1829   First hide house built in San Diego by carpenters of trading ship, Brookline.

1829   Series of revolutions begin in California.

1829   Capt. Henry D. Fitch elopes with Spanish girl from San Diego.

1832   Fr. Antonio Peyri flees from California via San Diego.

1833   Secularization Act passed by Mexican Congress. Beginning of end of the mission system and opening of the era of the ranchos.

1835   Joaquin Ortega becomes administrator of San Diego Mission; San Diego made a Pueblo.

1835   Richard Henry Dana, Jr., arrives at San Diego aboard the Pilgrim.