The Explorers, 1492-1774

TRANSLATION: Record of Voyage by Francisco de Ulloa



In the great city of Temuxtitan, Mexico, in this New Spain, on 29 May, year of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ 1540, Francisco Sanchez de Toledo, on behalf of the Marquis del Valle, appeared in person before the very noble Juan de Burgos, regular alcalde for Their Majesties in this said city of Mexico, and before me, Alonso Diaz de Gibraleon, Their Majesties’ scribe and public scribe, one of those on the numbered list in this city of Mexico, and presented a written petition of the following tenor:

Very Noble Sir, I, Francisco Sanchez de Toledo, major-domo of the very illustrious Marquis del Valle, and on behalf of the said Marquis, appear before Your Grace and state that I need certain certified transcripts of particular writings which Captain Francisco de Ulloa is sending to the aforesaid party of mine from the new country and exploration, where my party had sent him. As I fear that they will be torn or lost or wet or burned, I accordingly ask and supplicate that you order them to be copied clearly so they may be faithful. Please indicate in each one of them your authority and judicial order as much as in justice is proper, and order them delivered to me so that I may present them where suitable to the rights of my party.

And thus was presented the said written petition, in the manner aforesaid, and the said alcalde took into his hands a written report and seven acts of possession, and noted that they were not torn nor cancelled nor in any part at all suspicious, and said he was ordering and did order me the said (The remainder of this is missing.)

Translated by Brig. Gen. Maurice G. Holmes, USMC, Ret.