The Explorers, 1492-1774

TRANSLATION: Informacion of 1560

In the City of Santiago de Guatemala, on 9 February 1560.

Being in session the President and the Judges of His Majesty’s Audiencia and Royal Chancery, who reside in the aforesaid city, the following petition was presented before me, Luis Sanchez, their secretary, by Juan de Arguijo, procurator: Very Powerful Sir,

On behalf of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, resident of this city, I state that my party desires to make an affadavit in order to prove to your Royal Person and to the Royal Council of the Indies, the merits, works, and services which, in these parts, his father, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, has rendered Your Highness and, likewise, to prove what my party has sustained and served in order to request that he be favored by some land grants or that he be given some appointments which may be beneficial to him.

I request and pray Your Highness that the witnesses presented be ordered to be examined on the questions that will be read to them concerning what I ask and implore justice from the Royal Office.

Juan de Arguijo.

Let all who may see this letter know that I, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, resident of this city of Santiago de Guatemala where the Audencia and Royal Chancery of the Confines is and resides, revoking as I revoke every power of attorney and all powers of attorney whatever which I have given or granted to every person or to any persons whatever ….

Translated by Brig. Gen. Maurice G. Holmes, USMC, Ret. “Spanish Nautical Explorations Along the Coast of the Californias.” Thesis for Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1959.