The Explorers, 1492-1774

TRANSLATION: Costanso’s Narrative of the Portola Expedition

… for those of the new missions which are to be founded, and that they will grow under the protection and patronage of his Excellency the Marquis de Croix, viceroy, governor, and captain general of this vast empire, under whose mild rule, which is extolled by the people, the inhabitants live gratefully. But this enterprise, desired for so many years and attempted many times with great preparations and costs, will doubtless be very acceptable to the august monarch who wears the crown of Spain. His generous heart Heaven rewards by arousing in his glorious reign great and illustrious men of all estates – ecclesiastical, military, and political – who vie with one another and are equally zealous in the discharge of the high responsibilities confided to their eminent capabilities and talents, which are never employed more worthily than in furthering the extension of the gospel and the public welfare of his loyal and devoted subjects.

Mexico, October 24, 1770.
D. Miguel Costanso

Translated by Adolph Van Hemmert-Engert & Frederick J. Teggert in “Publications of the Academy of Pacific Coast History,” Vol. 1, 69.