History of San Diego, 1542-1908


Lieutenant Pedro Pages, military commandant of California. July, 1770, to May, 1774.

Lieutenant José Francisco Ortega, from July, 1771; made lieutenant and put in formal charge, 1773; continued till 1781.

Lieutenant José de Züñiga, September 8, 1781, to October 19, 1793.

Lieutenant Antonio Grajera, Oct. 19, 1793, to Aug. 23, 1799.

Lieutenant José Font, temporary commandant of military post, rank­ing Rodriguez, Aug. 23, 1799, to 1803.

Lieutenant Manuel Rodriguez, acting commandant of the company from Aug. 23, 1799, till 1803, when he became commandant of the post and so continued till late in 1806.

Lieutenant Francisco María Ruiz, acting commandant from late in 1806 till 1807.

Lieutenant José de la Guerra y Noriega, for a short time in 1806-1807.

Captain José Raimundo Carrillo, from late in 1807 till 1809.

Lieutenant Francisco María Ruiz, lieutenant and acting commandant from 1809 till 1821; then captain and commandant.

Captain Ignacio del Corral, nominally commandant from 1810 to 1820, but never came to California.

Lieutenant José María Estudillo, Oct. 23, 1820, to Sept., 1821.

Captain Francisco María Ruiz, Sept., 1821, to 1827, when he retired at age of 73.

Lieutenant José María Estudillo, from early in 1827 to April 8, 1830.

Lieutenant Santiago Argüello, from April 8, 1830, to 1835.

Captain Augustin V. Zamorano, from 1835 to 1840; was here only dur­ing 1837-8 and never assumed command of the company.

Captain Pablo de la Portilla was nominally commandant of the post by seniority of rank, whenever present, from 1835 until he left California in 1838.


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Author’s Foreword
Introduction: The Historical Pre-Eminence of San Diego

PART ONE:   Period of Discovery and Mission Rule

  1. The Spanish Explorers
  2. Beginning of the Mission Epoch
  3. The Taming of the Indian
  4. The Day of Mission Greatness
  5. The End of Franciscan Rule
    Priests of San Diego Mission

PART TWO:   When Old Town Was San Diego

  1. Life on Presidio Hill Under the Spanish Flag
    List of Spanish and Mexican commandants
  2. Beginnings of Agriculture and Commerce
    List of Ranchos in San Diego County
  3. Political Life in Mexican Days
  4. Early Homes, Visitors and Families
  5. Pleasant Memories of Social Life
  6. Prominent Spanish Families
  7. The Indians’ Relations With the Settlers
    List of Mission Indian Lands
  8. San Diego in the Mexican War
  9. Public Affairs After the War
  10. Accounts of Early Visitors and Settlers
  11. Annals of the Close of Old San Diego
  12. American Families of the Early Time
  13. The Journalism of Old San Diego
  14. Abortive Attempt to Establish New San Diego

PART THREE:   The Horton Period

  1. The Founder of the Modern City
  2. Horton’s Own Story
  3. Early Railroad Efforts, Including the Texas and Pacific
  4. San Diego’s First Boom
  5. Some Aspects of Social Life

PART FOUR:   Period of “The Great Boom”

  1. Coming of the Santa Fe
  2. Phenomena of the The Great Boom
  3. Growth of Public Utilities
  4. Water Development

PART FIVE:   The Last Two Decades

  1. Local Annals, After the Boom
  2. Political Affairs and Municipal Campaigns
  3. Later Journalism and Literature [new material in second edition]
  4. The Disaster to the Bennington
  5. The Twentieth Century Days
  6. John D. Spreckels Solves the Railroad Problem

PART SIX:   Institutions of Civic Life

  1. Churches and Religious Life
  2. Schools and Education
  3. Records of the Bench and Bar
  4. Growth of the Medical Profession
  5. The Public Library
  6. Story of the City Parks
  7. The Chamber of Commerce
  8. Banks and Banking
  9. Secret, Fraternal and Other Societies
  10. Account of the Fire Department

PART SEVEN:   Miscellaneous Topics

  1. History of the San Diego Climate
  2. San Diego Bay, Harbor and River
  3. Governmental Activities
  4. The Suburbs of San Diego

Political Roster, City of San Diego
Political Roster, San Diego County