Miscellaneous San Diego Public Records


PR1.17 San Diego Historic Sites
Reports detail and promote the historical significance, or non-significance, of a site, structure or object. They are often written by professional or city research agencies and individuals, but may also be written by private property owners. There are three major criteria that are used to determine whether or not to approve a designation. A site must be associated with an important event or person in San Diego history, be the work of a master architect, and/or embody a distinctive example of a particular type of architecture. These files include sites that were designated, sites that were not designated, reports on historic sites unrelated to the designation process, and minutes of the City and County Historic Site Boards.

PR1.25 Hydraulic Engineer Report on the Municipal Water System
1 vol.
Report from Hydraulic Engineer H.N. Savage to the Mayor and Common Council contains historical information on the development of San Diego’s water supply from 1769 to 1923, including statistics on rainfall, runoff, climate, water consumption, storage, evaporation and the costs of dam and reservoir projects. Arranged by topics. Contains an index.
(Union Title donation)  

PR1.26 Licenses Collected      
1 vol.
Record is a listing of business licenses collected by the City Tax Collector and contain the names of licensees, place of business, type of business, class of license and date of issuance. Arranged alphabetically. Licensees N-Z not extant.

PR1.3 Minutes of the Common Council
1 vol.
Transcribed copies of original meeting minutes.

PR1.33 City and County Plans
1886 –
Plans are for the city or county as a whole, or particular areas, sites or categories such as transportation, commerce, recreation or historical preservation. 

PR1.34 Resolutions
1889-1908, 1921-1923
1 box and 1 volume of miscellaneous documents

PR1.35 Street Department Journal
1 vol.
City of San Diego Street Department Journal of S.W. Hackett, Supervisor.

PR1.45 City Charters
16 vol.
Published copies.

PR1.51 City Ordinances
7 vol.
Published copies

PR 1.72 Fixing the Water Rates in San Diego, Statements and Testimony
1 volume.

PR1.73 Water Department Plat Book, Mains, Gates, and Hydrants, San Diego City
1 volume.

PR1.74 Balboa Park Citizen’s Study Committee Records
In 1956 San Diego Mayor Charles C. Dail and the City Council formed The Citizens’ Balboa Park Study Committee to study the renovation of Balboa Park.  For a period of over eight months 70 citizens and six subcommittees held meetings to provide recommendations for improvements to the park.  The result of these committees was the “Balboa Park Citizens Study Committee Final Report.”
Arranged by committee, with finding aid.

PR1.75 Balboa Park Committee, Park and Recreation Board
2 boxes

PRM1.9 Alcalde of San Diego (Estudillo) Official Correspondence
Microfilm  / 1 roll

PR4.1 Quartermaster’s Letter Books       
3 vols.
Letter Books from the San Diego barracks of the War Department, indicate all correspondence sent and received. Letters received show date and number of receipt, name of writer, purport of letter, and action. Letters sent show address, date, and purport. Arranged chronologically.

PR4.2 Weather Station Collection       
1 box
Records of the weather and telegraph station of the Army Signal Corps. Office at Campo, show official correspondence, memos, purchase orders, and bills. Also includes two letter books of correspondence sent and received. Arranged chronologically.

PR4.3 Meteorological Journals of Andrew Cassidy       
1 box (9 vols.)
Journals of weather observations kept by Andrew Cassidy of the U.S. Topographic Engineers, shows date and hour of observation, and readings of barometer, thermometer, wind, rain, and clouds. One journal records tidal observations. Arranged chronologically.

PR4.4 U.S. Census      
1850, 1852, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1898,
2  boxes
Transcripts of decennial census schedules may include the following information for San Diego County individuals: name, age, sex, color, occupation, value of real and personal property, place of birth, marital status, and education.
Also includes 1970 San Diego Census Tracts of Population and Housing.

PRM4.41 Census Records
1860, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920
Microfilm / 11 rolls 

PR4.5 Indian Census       
3 boxes
Artificial collection created from the 1860 manuscript census, shows Indians enumerated in San Diego County. Entries show name, age, date of enumeration, names of family members, occupation, and literacy. Arranged alphabetically by name.

PRM4.51 Department of Indian Affairs, Census Data
Microfilm / 1 roll

PRM4.52 Indian Sub-Agents on Sacramento and San Joachim Rivers
1849-1857Microfilm / 1 roll

PRM4.53 Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs
Microfilm / 1 roll

PRM4.54 Report on the Mission Indians of Southern California
Microfilm / 1 roll

PR4.6 War Exemptions       
1 vol.
Listing of persons exempt during World War I in San Diego County. Record shows names and years of exemptions.

PR4.7 Soldier’s Naturalization Index       
3 vols.
Index to World War I soldiers naturalized at San Diego County military bases shows name of soldier, the date of naturalization, the Army base where naturalized, Army serial number, naturalization number, and date. Index also contains lists of individuals who refused to be drafted. These lists contain the name of the individual, the Army base, Army serial number, nativity and the reason for refusal. Arranged alphabetically by name of soldier.

PR4.7+ U.S. Marshal’s Warrant and Subpoena Records       
1 volume
Warrant and subpoena records filed with the U.S. Marshal’s Office, Department of Justice, Southern District of California. Records contain the names of the plaintiff and defendant, the charge, the place of arrest, the names of individuals subpoenaed, the place of custody, date received, dates of actions, the name of the U.S. Marshal or deputy marshal and remarks pertaining to the case. Arranged chronologically by date received.

PRM4.71 Records of the U.S. Army
Microfilm / 1 roll 

PR4.8 Census Reports
6 boxes 

PR4.8+ Treaty with Mexico Relating to the Utilization of the Waters of Certain Rivers
2 boxes

PR4.8++ Postmaster’s Money Order Ledger
1 box (1 vol.)

PRM4.81 Appointment of Post Masters
Microfilm / 1 roll 

PRM4.82 U.S. Mail Line Log Sheet
Microfilm / 1 roll 

PR4.9 Indian Survey
1 vol. (in box with 4.98, 4.99) 

PR4.98 Preliminary Report of the Warner’s Ranch Indian Advisory Commission
1 file (in box with 4.9, 4.99)
“To aid the secretary of the Interior in the selection” of “a suitable tract of land in Southern California” for the location thereon of the Warner’s Ranch Indians “and such other Mission Indians as may not be provided with suitable lands elsewhere.”

PR4.99 Indian Census Roll
1 file (in box with 4.9, 4.98)
Copy of Indian Census Roll for Santa Ysabel.

PR4.11 Fort Rosecrans Letter Book
1 box (1 volume)
Letter and memos from Captain Robert H. Rolfe, Constructing Quartermaster for the U.S. Army at Fort Rosecrans. Letters pertain to all matters connected to building, furnishing, and maintenance at the Fort. 

PR4.12 Voter Registration
4 boxes
Correspondence regarding requests for inclusion in Great Register.
Arranged alphabetically by last name of voter. 

PR4.13 Muster Roll, Kearny’s Dragoons, Companies C and K, Battle of San Pasqual
1 vol.

PR5.1 Environmental Impact Reports      
1972 –
An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) informs the public of any environmental effects caused by a proposed project. The California Environmental Quality Act (1970) requires that all EIRs be filled for public review before any project can be implemented. Private and public agencies and contractors create these reports in order to evaluate ways to eliminate adverse environmental impacts. Reports show date, the name and a description of the project, the location of the project and whether or not the project will have a detrimental effect on the environment.

PR5.2 Abstracts of Title for Horton’s Addition
1 box (1 vol.)
Original by Hensley. 

PR5.4 Metropolitan Water District Annual Reports
2 boxes (31 vols.) 

PR5.5 Port Commissioner’s Minute Book
1 box (1 vol.) 

PRM5.6 Records of General Land Office
Microfilm / 1 roll 

PR5.7 San Diego Mission Records
1 box
-Entries copied from San Diego Mission  records.
-Book of Baptisms, 1769-1822
-Marriage Records, 1776-1842.
-First Book of the Dead, 1776-1804.
-Book of the Dead, “El Campo Santo” 1849-1880
-Presidio Hill Burials, 1776-1804, 1831, 1869, 1875
-San Diego Mission Records, 1808-1821

PR5.8 Index to Town Records of San Diego sent to Surveyor General’s Office
1 box
Copies of an index created by Judge Hayes in 1857 of all the public Spanish records of San Diego. They were collected and taken to Surveyor General’s Office in San Francisco in 1891 by J. Alexander Forbes, Keeper of the Spanish and Mexican Archives at that Office. They were later destroyed in a fire.

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