One b/w negative of studio portrait of a young man wearing glasses in a Fruit of Islam (Black Muslim) uniform. Lettering on hat reads “FOI” and lettering on lapel reads “W.F.M.”

Client name: Greer, Brother Douglas X. Original Baynard index card reads “April 72 / 9834 / Douglas X Greer / XXX Quail St. / XXX-XXXX/ 1-8×10 tinted / 1-8×10”

*According to additional information provided by the community on 3/2011: This is Brother Douglas Ahmad who is still involved in the Muslim community as of 2011.

**Additional information from the community on 05/2011: Brother Douglas Ahmad worked for Channel 10 as a cameraman. Brother Douglas still does filming for a weekly segment on Channel 24. His wife was Francesca who was a journalist. Both her parents were radio announcers.