One b/w negative of group of men dressed in uniforms. Records indicate group as the San Diego branch of the National Alliance of Postal Employees. Men are lined up in three rows. Two men in center of group seated are not dressed in uniforms.

Client name: National Alliance of Postal Employees

Original Baynard index card reads “Mar-19-48 / National Alliance of Postal Employee / no 910 / San Diego Branch / 2 8×10 size flash photos / 1 pose / paid”.

*Additional information form the community on 3/2011: 1st person on front row is Harold Addison, man at end of front row is Melvin White, 4th person from left on second row is Daddy McDonald and D. Long is at the end of the 2nd row. The 2nd person from the left on the 3rd row is Charlie Addison, the 5th person from the left is Alfred Ritchey and the 7th person from the left on the back row is Mr. Noble.

**Additional information from the community on 3/2011: Harold Addison, Melvin White, Charles Addison and Alfred Ritchey are identified in the same positions as above. Man on the middle row, 3rd from left or 3rd from right, only identified as 3rd is James Battle.