One b/w negative of group of people in back patio, behind a house. At either end of the front row holding the edges of the flag are: Lionel Van Deerlin (San Diego Congressman in 1960s and 1970s) on the far left, and Mrs. Sylura Barron, far right.

Client Name: Barron, Sylura Richardson, Mrs.

Original Baynard index card reads “Nov 66 / No 4959 / Mrs Barron / XXX Los Flores / XXXXXXX / 3- 8×10 Glos / Pd. at House”

City directory, year 1966, shows entry for: “BARRON / WM M (SYLURA) CLK PO XXXX LAS FLORES TER” City directory, year 1966, shows entry for: Las Flores Terrace — from Churchward south to south of 58th Street / “XXX Barron WM M XXX-XXXX”

*According to additional information provided by the community on 3/2011: Elezo Cooper is the man on the right.

**Additional information from the community on 3/2011: Lionel Van Deerlin was a radio talk show host before he became a politician.