One b/w negative of large group of people seated along dinner table and standing at far end of table.

Client Name: Hicks, Ruby

Original Baynard index card reads “5116 / Mr(s) Ruby Hicks / XXXX Sth 31st / XXXXXXX / 2 8×10 Color / Paid”

*According to additional information provided by the community on 3/2011: Students of San Diego High. Sitting left to right: (1) Marva Clemmons, (2) Brenda Como, (6) Rebecca (unknown), (7) Orned “Chicken” Gabriel, (8) Janice King, (11) Brenda Turner. Date of photograph is probably 1967.

**Additional information from the community on 03/2011: Sitting left to right: Patrita Hicks (daughter of customer) is in center at end of table, Rodney Porter may be man standing at far left in back. James Ducette is standing 2nd from right in back row, Janice is standing next to him on far right and Cynthia King is seated at table 3rd from right next to smaller girl. The date of the image is possibly 1967, but closer to 1970 than 1960.

***Additional information from the community on 04/2011: “Chicken” and Janice were boyfriend and girlfriend. Seated 4th on the left may be Wesley Fay. The boy standing at the back could be Lester Jennings.