One b/w negative of the Orpheum Theatre. Large crowds of teenagers, young adults and military personnel standing in line at theatre entrance. Location appears to be at the northeast intersection of B Street and 5th Avenue in Downtown San Diego. The “D. I.” starring Jack Webb is playing at Orpheum Theatre. Marquee signage for the Mission Theatre is visible, on left, advertising the film “The Buster Keaton Story” starring Donald O’Connor. Printed banner, on left, reads “Southern California / EXPOSITION / JUNE 28 – JULY 7”. Awning signage, on left, reads “FURS”. Marquee signage for the Orpheaum Theatre is visible, at center, advertising the film “The Drill Instructor” starring Jack Webb and Monica Lewis. Marquee signage also advertises the film “The Counterfeit Plan” starring Zachary Scott and Peggie Castle. Large cutout portrait of Jack Webb is displayed over Orpheum Theatre entrance. Marquee lettering reads “JACK WEBB AS A ROUGH TOUGH MARINE IN THE DI PLUS COUNTERFEIT PLAN”. Advertisement in window, on right, reads “Fresh / CHILLED / Orange / Juice / See it made… / … while you wait!”. Restaurant is visible in far right of photo. Lora F. Wright, in oral history interview, mentions a “Commonwealth Building” located at intersection of B Street and 5th Avenue. Wright states that the “Pantages” theatre was located in the corner of the Commonwealth Building, and that the Pantages theatre later became known as the “Orpheum”. The Buster Keaton Story, The Drill Instructor, and The Counterfeit Plan are films advertised in this photo group. Each film cites a release date of 1957.

Original Baynard index card reads “Orpheum Theather[sic] / No 2236 / 2 – 8×10 size Flashes”

City directory, year 1957, shows entry for “Orpheum Theatre Building 524 B”. City directory, year 1957, shows entry for “Mission Theatre (Preferred Theatres Inc) Oscar T Arnold mgr 1245 5th av”. City directory, year 1957, shows entry for “5TH AVE / B intersects / 1245 Mission Theatre / Preferred Theatres Inc / BE 3-3787”.

Sandborn maps, year 1955, show floorplan for “R.K.O. ORPHEUM THEATRE BLDG” with entrance at B Street and 5th Avenue.

*According to additional information provided by the community on 3/2011: The woman located at the rear of the center-most car waring black and holding a handbag is Stella Guevara Youngberg. She recalled the food stand adjacent to the theatre had great 25 cent hot dogs.

**Three of the girls in this images are: Janet Johnson, Lois Johnson, and Vera Kennedy Webb.

***The Pantages, formerly the Orpheum Theatre, was a single screen, 1400 seat theatre.