One b/w negative of Gold Coast Upholstery & Mattress at 2703 Imperial Avenue showing three people standing outside of business. Signage above entrance reads “GOLD COAST / UPHOLSTERY & MATTRESS”. Signage in window reads “GOLD COAST / UPHOLSTERY / We Sell / USED FURNITURE / MATTRESSES REBUILT / & RENOVATED / TO SUIT YOU / Pick-Up & Delivery / A COMPLETE / UPHOLSTERY SERVICE / REPAIRING & REMODELING / Free Estimates / Pho. BE-3-7951”. Address number over doorway reads “2703”.

Client Name: Records unclear, notes indicate “COLSON, JIMY”

Original Baynard index card reads “Mr Linzy Colson / No 2241 / Store”

City directory, year 1955, shows listing for “Gold Coast Upholstery (Lenzie Colson) 2703 Imperial av” City directory, year 1960, shows listing for “Gold Coast Upholstery (Lensey Colson) 1905 Logan av”

Additional information from the community on 3/2011: Lamar Hasan and Ester Hasan are standing on right with Linzie Colson standing on left. Date of image is 1955. The group is in front of Brother Linzie’s store.