One b/w negative showing man seated on bumper of camper vehicle with many bumper stickers on it. Camper is parked on street with man seated at back of camper.

Client Name: Nicholson, Mr. E.A.

Original Baynard index card reads “Dec 76 / 12250 / Mr. E.A. Nicholson, / XXXX, Franklin Avenue, / San Diego Calif / Merry Christmas and / A Happy New Year / 50 cards / Phone XXX-XXXX”

According to addditional information from Gwendolyn McSwain in January, 2012, Mr. Nicholson pictured here, was a security guard for Bethel Baptist Church. He’s wearing his guard uniform in the photo. He was called “Mr. Nick” by the children. He build the camper shell seen in this photo himself and covered it with interesting bumpser stickers. His house was located at 29th and Franklin (directly behind the church).