One b/w negative showing collapsed building with people on street in front of it. Records indicate this is “explosion, 25th and Imperial”. Arrow Mart food store is located on left.

*Additional information from the community on 3/2011: This is the origional location of the Arrow Mart on 25th st. just to the left of the collapsed building. Further left is a cleaners and to its left is a chicken’s egg shop. The Arrow Mart moved next door onto Imperial, where there had been a Safeway previously. The collapsed building was an apartment building which held a nightclub downstairs. The building to the right was a furniture store which had burned down causing the apartment building to collapse. To the right of the burned furniture store was a general market referred to as “Woo Woo’s market.” This store was popular because it would remain open very late at night.

**Additional information from the community on 3/2011: A drug store was located on the corner and a bakery was to the right of the collapsed building.