One b/w negative of church congregation members standing in front of church altar area inside church building. Group is mixed with children and adults.

Client Name: Blackman, H., Reverend

Original Baynard index card reads “9588 / Rev H Blackman / Allence[sic]”

Additional information from the community on 3/2011: Some of people are identified. Reverend Blackman is the man in front row in center next to woman in patterned coat and hat. Reverend Luther Thompson is in far back on left wearing glasses and facing slightly to the right. Reverend Williams is standing directly behind Reverened Blackman in center with small boy in front of him. Reverend Wooten is in center in far back behind Reverend Williams in front of painting, Reverend Williams’ wife is standing next to him to the right with small boy standing in front of her, Reverend Columbus is standing next to Mrs. Williams to the right (he is an older gentleman) and Reverend Sanford is standing in the far back on the right behind an older gentleman and woman wearing a necklace.