One b/w negative of two men standing by Falcon Club Wagon parked in street with two buildings seen in background.

Client Name: Clark, Mr. Willie

Original Baynard index card reads “No 5954 / Mr Willie Clark / XXXX Clay Ave / 4 = 5×7, Gloss / Bal $2.00 / 2 00”

*According to additional information from the community on 3/2011: On the left is Willie Clark who lived on Clay Street (30th and Clay). He went to school with Johnnie Williams.

**Additional information from the community on 3/2011: Men are selling “Muhammad Speaks” newspapers.

***Additional information from the community on 05/2011: Book on left in photograph is “How to Eat to Live” written by Elijah Muhammed. Islamic community was one of first in US to become health conscious. They were encouraged to read food labels, cook at home, not smoke, not drink, not eat pork and eat one meal a day or even one meal every two days. Norman Baynard ate one meal a day after he joined the Islamic community. It was said that Muslims who followed these guidelines looked healthier and younger for their age. These guidelines were radical ideas in the African American community.