(Documentary Artifact): One b/w negative of an outdoor portrait of a man standing behind a woman sitting in a chair with a young girl in her lap. The man is Francisco Nejo, the woman is Trinidad Duro, and the young girl may be the daughter of Francisco Nejo and granddaughter of Trinidad Duro. See also OP 12572-103; notes on this print state that Francisco Nejo is the brother of Ysidro Nejo and father of Florentine Subish.

Notes on negative envelope:
86:15752-168 / INDIANS/ Francisco Nejo-Trinidad/ OP 12572-168/ contact for copy Neg/ DAVIS COLL/ COPY/ 1913

Object Id:

Davis, Edward H.


USA/California/San Diego County/Mesa Grande or Mesa Grande Reservation (inferred)


Duro, Trinidad Nejo, Francisco

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