OP 15362-1334

(Documentary Artifact): Five b/w photographic print of various scenes in Encinitas, California photographed by Irving F. Davis. Images include a train in Encinitas, California; a man sitting in a large canvas tent; a man, woman and two boys at the beach (probably Edward H. Davis, Anna May Davis and two of their sons); a horse-drawn wagon on the beach; a man with a packed burro on a trail.

Includes prints: OP 15362-1332 (86:15900-2314), OP 15362-1333 (86:15900-2315), OP 15362-1334 (86:15900-2316), OP 15362-1335 (86:15900-2317), OP 15362-1336 (86:15900-2318)