OP 15362-286

(Documentary Artifact): Four b/w photographic prints of a system of conduits to run water to bath houses in Agua Caliente or Warner’s Ranch.

Notes on verso of prints:
Image 1: OP 15362-286 (subst)/ 86:15900-1220/ IN REF BOOK/ 1904/ ENV. 202/ OLD INDIAN CONDUITS FOR/ RUNNING WATER TO BATH HOUSES
Image 2: OP 15362-286 / 86:15900-1220/ Old Ind conduits/ for running water to/ bath houses – Agua Caliente/ 1904/ WARNER RANCH/ [Stamped:] ED. H. DAVIS/ Mesa Grande, Calif.
Images 3 and 4: [Same as Image 1]/ Warner’s Ranch