OP 15362-480

(Documentary Artifact): Three b/w photographic prints of (L-R) Edward H. Davis and Antonio Maces posing outdoors.

Notes on verso of prints:
Image 1: OP 15362-480/ 86:15900-1450/ IN REF BOOK/ ED DAVIS +/ ANTONIO MACES/ 1909
Images 2 and 3: [Same as Image 1]

According to additional information provided on 12/2011 by Richard Carrico, a member of the E.H. Davis Project Scholar Advisory Committee: Antonio Maces (Methuir or Mataweer) was one of the last of the traditional dancers and singers at Tekemuk (Mesa Grande). In the year this photo was taken he and Joe Burro Waters (Aguae) constructed a sand painting for T. T. Waterman. A description of the sand painting and a sketch is provided in T. T. Waterman, The Religious Practices of the Diegueno Indians. University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology, Vol. 8, No 6, Plates 24 and 25. Antonio was the brother of Cinon Methuir (Duro) and upon Cinon’s death assumed much of the spiritual and traditional roles filled by his brother.