OP 15362-603

(Documentary Artifact): One b/w photographic print of an elderly woman, Ap-e-chuck (also spelled Ap’-e’chuck or Ape Chuck) using a stone pestle and wooden mortar. She is the wife of Payon Hilschme up (also spelled Payone’ /Peyo’ne/Pay-une/Pay-one Hilachn’eup/Hilsch-me-up/Hilachme up).

Same image as the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) print, P00406. According to catalog record for this image, Ap-e-chuck ‘pounds corn into an oak mortar with a large stone pestle. The flat basket in front of her contains acorn meal.’ She is also known as Mary.

Notes on verso of print:
OP 15362-603/ 86:15900-1586/ IN REF BOOK/ [Written by Davis:] Ap-e-chuck/ + wood mortar/ Campo/ Mar 1918/EHD