OP 15362-662

(Documentary Artifact): One b/w photographic print of an elderly woman, Ap-e-chuck (also spelled Ap’-e’chuck or Ape Chuck), using a stone pestle and wooden mortar. She is the wife of Payon Hilschme up (also spelled Payone’ /Peyo’ne/Pay-une/Pay-one Hilachn’eup/Hilsch-me-up/Hilachme up).

Same image as the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) print, P00407. According to catalog record for this image, she is pounding acorns in the oak mortar. She is also known as Mary.

Notes on verso of print:
OP 15362-662/ 86:15900-1646/ 89/IN REF BOOK/[Written by Davis:] Ap-e-chuck +/ wood mortar/ Campo/ Mar. 1918/EHD