OP 15362-741

(Documentary Artifact): One b/w photographic print of a ceremonial sand painting by Jose Venado. Six women are sitting behind the sand painting. According to Davis’ notes on the verso of the prints from this series of sand painting images, the sand painting represents creation, earth, water, sky and animals. A bolt of calico is laid out around the painting and money is thrown in. Ceremonial plumes of Pescado and Lucario Cuevish (also spelled Locario Chavish/Chaves/Chavez) were buried in the hole at the center at the end of the ceremony.

Notes on verso of print:
OP 15362-741/ 86:15900-1724/IN REF BOOK/[Written by Davis:] Rincon Aug 31 1930/ Sand painting of/ Jose Venado – Calico around/ + coins + bills-

According to additional information provided by the community on 9/2011: Pescado’s full name is Pescado Callac.