OP 15362-744

(Documentary Artifact): One b/w photographic print of an acorn basket or granary atop a raised wooden platform behind a fence of chicken wire in San Ignacio (also spelled San Ygnacio).

Notes on verso of print:
OP 15362-744/ 86:15900-1727/IN REF BOOK/ [Stamped:] ED. H. DAVIS/ Mesa Grande, Calif./ [Written by Davis:] Acorn Baskets/ San Ygnacio/ Acorn granery [granary]/ basket/ San Ygnacio/ 10904

According to additional information provided on 10/2011 by a member of the E.H. Davis Project Scholar Advisory Committee: There is a chicken coop surrounding the acorn granary. Perhaps the chickens make an additional fuss when other animals attempted to get into the acorns. Notice the stone on top of the lid on the granary. Granaries were often made of willow boughs; the scent of some of the materials woven in was an insect repellent.