OP 15362-748

(Documentary Artifact): One b/w photographic print of some of the ramadas near the Campo Chapel where fiestas were held. According to notes on the verso of the print, a fight took place here and Juan Leo Cuero, a policeman at the Volcan Reservation, was shot four times by Marcus Hilmeup in 1927.
Same Image as 86:15900-1134
Notes on verso of print:
OP 15362-748/ 86:15900-1731/IN REF BOOK/Fiesta Ramadas/ Campo – Dec 10 1937/ 8/ Some of the ramadas near the chapel/ where fiestas are held. It was here/ the gunfight took place and Juan Leo/ was shot four times/ [Stamped:] ED. H. DAVIS/ Mesa Grande, Calif.

According to additional information provided on 12/2011 by Richard Carrico, a member of the E.H. Davis Project Scholar Advisory Committee: Juan Leo Cuero was a Mission Indian Agency policeman who was strongly disliked by members of the Mission Indian Federation and he and Jim Banegas (also an MIA officer) were involved in the infamous Campo Fiesta gunfight in which Francisco Cuero and Marcus Hilmiup were shot to death on July 16, 1927. See Tanis Thorne Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology 21, no. 2, 1999 for an excellent discussion of this event.