OP 15362-759

(Documentary Artifact): One b/w photographic print of Catalina Cuero, aged 95 years old, sitting on the ground outdoors with a small, decorated olla, a winnowing basket and yucca sandals are in front of her. She wears a basket hat, blouse, cardigan sweater, and long skirt. A small, make-shift grill is in front of her to the left and two sacks hang in the background. According to Davis’ notes on the verso of the print, her Indian name is Quil-qut’ (short big belly). She may also be known as Quil-cut-cool.

Same image as the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) print, P00389.

Notes on verso of print:
OP 15362-759/ 86:15900-1741/IN REF BOOK/ [Written by Davis:] Catalina Cuero – 95 yrs +/ some of her possessions/ Wee-a-pipe Mar. 27 1918/ Ind name Quil-qut’- short big belly/ EHD