California Pacific Exposition San Diego 1935-1936

Exposition Buildings Remaining from the 1915-16 Exposition

The Palace of Better Housing
The Palace of Parent and Child
House of Hospitality
Palace of Foods & Beverages
The Palace of Foods and Beverages

Name History of Remaining 1915 Exposition Buildings

Top, left to right:

  • 1915-Commerce & Industries Building; 1916-Canadian Building; 1935-Palace of Better Housing; 1936-Electric Building; now Casa de Balboa (rebuilt 1980)
  • 1915-Indian Arts Building; 1916-Russia & Brazil Building; 1935-Palace of Parent and Child; House of Charm (rebuilt 1996)
  • 1915-Foreign Arts Building; 1935-House of Hospitality (rebuilt 1997)


1915-Varied Industries & Food Products Building; 1916- Foreign and Domestic Products Building; 1935- Palace of Foods & Beverages; reconstructed 1970; 1971-Casa del Prado (left: original south facade; right: original east facade)


The Committee of One Hundred has been instrumental in encouraging preservation of the Exposition’s Spanish Colonial architecture.