California Pacific Exposition San Diego 1935-1936

This courtyard was added by Requa
Gardens of Cafe del Rey Moro.
Glimpse of statue
by sculptor Donal Hord

The House of Hospitality had deteriorated even prior to 1935, when Requa undertook this major remodeling of the Foreign Arts Building, which was intended in 1915 to be a temporary structure. After many more years of decay and repair, it was carefully dismantled in 1996 and is being restored much as it appeared after Requa’s remodel for the 1935-6 Exposition.

Among Requa’s most pleasing contributions to Balboa Park were the Gardens of the Casa del Rey Moro, styled after the garden of the same name in Ronda, Andalusia, and the patio of the House of Hospitality, styled after the patio of the State Museum in Guadalajara, Mexico.