Del Mar Fair of 1948 Collection.


87 photographic prints: gelatin silver; 8 x 10 in.

Photographic prints: OP15741/1-87.

San Diego History Center
Booth Historical Photograph Archives
P.O. Box 81825
San Diego, CA 92138


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For permission to reproduce or publish, contact the curator of the Booth Historical Photograph Archives of the San Diego Historical Society. Reproduction or publication of any part of this collection must include the following information next to the image(s) or in a special section of credits: Del Mar Fair of 1948 Collection, San Diego History Center, Booth Historical Photograph Archives.

Arranged by local control number. Other title: Southern California Exposition at Del Mar Collection. Photographer’s stamp on verso of some photographs: Lamar Boren Photo. Copy negatives available for some prints, 96:19545/0-10. Forms part of the San Diego History Center Original Print Collection.

Called the San Diego County Fair when it was first held in National City in 1880, it became the Del Mar Fair after Del Mar became the permanent location in 1936. In the 1950s the name was broadened to the Southern California Exposition at Del Mar to reflect its importance to the area.

This collection documents the Del Mar Fair of 1948 with general views of the fairgrounds, the race track, people, entertainers, amusements, contests, displays, livestock, and exhibits. The photographs show clowns, acrobats, high-wire walkers, a Latin-style orchestra and dancers with maracas, a mariachi band, a Ferris wheel, vintage racing cars, Ford’s “Cavalcade of Transportation” exhibit, early motorcycles and bicycles, boys chasing a greased pig, a turkey race, prize-winning bulls, floral displays, swimsuit models, and Walt Disney’s Enchanted Land.

Del Mar Fair (1948: Del Mar, Calif.)
Fairs — California — Del Mar.
Exhibitions — California — Del Mar.

*Indicates copy negative available.

Photograph Description
OP15741/1 “Saludos Amigos” sign at entrance to fair.
OP15741/2 Senorita and Troubadour figures at entrance.
OP15741/3 Close up of figures.
OP15741/4 View of main thoroughfare from entrance.
OP15741/5 Bird’s-eye view of people on walkways.
OP15741/6 Bird’s-eye view of people entering fair.
OP15741/7 Crowd of people near industrial exhibit.
OP15741/8* Bird’s-eye view of farm and industrial machinery exhibit.
OP15741/9* Bird’s-eye view of main thoroughfare.
OP15741/10 Crowd of people near main exhibit building.
OP15741/11 Crowd in grandstand at race track.
OP15741/12 1910 Pierce Arrow car used for touring the fairground.
OP15741/13 Transportation depot.
OP15741/14 Horse-drawn trolley.
OP15741/15 Horse-drawn trolley, looking down main thoroughfare with Ferris wheel on right.
OP15741/16 Ox cart with singers in front of historic San Diego exhibit.
OP15741/17 Woman demonstrating how to use spinning wheel.
OP15741/18 San Diego Fire Department exhibit.
OP15741/19* Farm machinery exhibit.
OP15741/20 California Department of Agriculture exhibit.
OP15741/21 Stagecoach display in Ventura County exhibit.
OP15741/22 Escondido exhibit.
OP15741/23 Fallbrook exhibit.
OP15741/24 Vista Farm Bureau exhibit.
OP15741/25 Mutual Orange Distributors exhibit.
OP15741/26 Orange display.
OP15741/27 Chester P. Strom’s Flower Patio exhibit.
OP15741/28 San Diego County Flower Growers Association exhibit.
OP15741/29 Orchid display.
OP15741/30 Cacti display.
OP15741/31 Tuberous begonia display.
OP15741/32 Holstein bull.
OP15741/33* People looking at cattle display.
OP15741/34 Young boy with champion Hereford bull.
OP15741/35 Winners of Future Farmers of America competition.
OP15741/36 Man feeding pigs.
OP15741/37 Pig.
OP15741/38 Lambs feeding.
OP15741/39 Goats feeding.
OP15741/40* People looking at rabbits on display.
OP15741/41 Muehleisen Manufacturing Company exhibit.
OP15741/42 Muehleisen Manufacturing Company exhibit.
OP15741/43 Audience at Three Bee Puppeteers show.
OP15741/44 Cub prefabricated sports trailer exhibit.
OP15741/45 Model posing in swimsuit for Paddock Pools.
OP15741/46 Model in zebra-striped swimsuit posing at swimming pool.
OP15741/47 Crowd of people looking at model in swimsuit on diving board in swimming pool display.
OP15741/48 “World’s largest aircraft tire” made for Convair.
OP15741/49 Ford “Cavalcade of Transportation” exhibit showing Conestoga wagon, ox cart, automobile, and stagecoach.
OP15741/50 Ox cart at Ford “Cavalcade of Transportation” exhibit.
OP15741/51 Display of Model C and Model K Ford automobiles.
OP15741/52 Display of old bicycles.
OP15741/53 Display of old motocylces.
OP15741/54 Display of horse-drawn carriages.
OP15741/55 Display of early automobiles.
OP15741/56 Display of early automobiles.
OP15741/57 Part of Ford’s “Cavalcade of Transportation” exhibit.
OP15741/58 Crowd of people looking at Ford station wagon, priced at $2,424.15.
OP15741/59* [Ford dealers?] shaking hands, with Paul Mannen (second from right), fair official.
OP15741/60 Group portrait of women in unusual hats.
OP15741/61 Girl Scouts posing in front of Girl Scout exhibit tent.
OP15741/62 Crowd of people gathered around a pool of water with rings floating on top.
OP15741/63 Portrait of three boys holding turkeys, entrants in a race.
OP15741/64* Start of turkey race.
OP15741/65* Greased pig contest.
OP15741/66 People looking at gold display.
OP15741/67 Photography display.
OP15741/68 Mariachi band playing at Colonization of San Diego exhibit.
OP15741/69 Vintage racing cars on race track.
OP15741/70 Race between vintage racing cars.
OP15741/71* Start of race between vintage racing cars.
OP15741/72 Crowd of people outside entrance to Enchanted Land.
OP15741/73 Crowd outside entrance to Enchanted Land.
OP15741/74 Crowd of people, exhibits, train ride.
OP15741/75 Horse-drawn calliope, clown, audience.
OP15741/76 Bird’s-eye view of amusement rides and Walt Disney’s Melody Time in Enchanted Land.
OP15741/77 People on train ride in front of Walt Disney’s Melody Time in Enchanted Land.
OP15741/78 High-wire act.
OP15741/79 Woman photographing performing monkey.
OP15741/80* “Gay Way” Ferris wheel.
OP15741/81 Sign for Jingling Bros. Circus, “The Greatest Little Show on Earth.”
OP15741/82 Performing elephant.
OP15741/83* Children with clowns.
OP15741/84 Latin-style orchestra, performers.
OP15741/85 Latin-style orchestra, dancers with maracas.
OP15741/86 Latin-style orchestra, performers.
OP15741/87 Latin-style orchestra, acrobats.