University Club Collection.

University Club (San Diego, Calif.); chiefly photographed by Melvin H. Sykes of San Diego and Elson-Alexandre of Los Angeles.

1909-1959, bulk 1930s-1940s.

257 photographic prints (95 mounted on cardboard): b&w; 10 x 8 in. and 34 x 26 cm.

Photographic prints: OP15428/0-255.

San Diego History Center
Booth Historical Photograph Archives
P.O. Box 81825
San Diego, CA 92138

Gift of the University Club, 1990?

Open for research.

For permission to reproduce or publish, contact the curator of the Booth Historical Photograph Archives of the San Diego Historical Society. Reproduction or publication of any part of this collection must include the following information next to the image(s) or in a special section of credits: University Club Collection, San Diego History Center, Booth Historical Photograph Archives.

Arrangement: organized in two series by size, then arranged alphabetically by surname. Related materials: University Club Papers, 1957-1970, in the Research Archives. Forms part of: San Diego History Center Original Print Collection.

Established as the College Graduate Club in 1896, it was open to men and women with academic degrees from approved colleges or universities. The name was changed to University Club in 1906. After declining interest it was reorganized in 1908. Membership requirements no longer required graduation from a recognized school and excluded women until 1975. The University Club disbanded in 1989.

The University Club Collection contains portraits of past members. Studio portraits from the 1930s and before were taken chiefly by San Diego photographer Melvin H. Sykes. Captions include the member’s name, college or university, graduation date, and fraternal affliation. Members portrayed include George W. Marston, Charles C. Haines, Edgar A. Luce, and other prominent San Diego businessmen, attorneys, and physicians. Oversize portraits from the 1940s were photographed by Elson-Alexandre of Los Angeles, mounted on the verso and recto of cardboard leaves, and evidently removed from a bound volume.

University Club (San Diego, Calif.)
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San Diego (Calif.) — Organizations.


Box 1
Folder 1
OP15428/0 Abendroth, C.W.
OP15428/1 Alberty, Dr. W.M.
OP15428/2 Allen, Maurice
OP15428/3 Allen, Richard M.
OP15428/4 Allen, Dr. Willis Edward
OP15428/5 Barclay, Henry A.
OP15428/6 Barr, Dr. Arthur L.
OP15428/7 Barrow, Dr. William Hulbert
OP15428/8 Baxter, Dr. C.P.
OP15428/9 Benton, Dr. Culmer C.
OP15428/10 Bischoff, Henry J.
OP15428/11 Blondin, Dr. Edward A.
OP15428/12 Bonner, Leon D.
OP15428/13 Boone, Andrew R.
OP15428/14 Brown, Dr. Charles Watkins
OP15428/15 Brown, Morlyn L.
OP15428/16 Burger, [Dr.] Thomas O.
OP15428/17 Burnham, Marston
OP15428/18 Burton, [Dr.] E.A.
OP15428/19 Butler, Edwin I.
OP15428/20 Carter, Dr. Frank H.
OP15428/21 Carter, Harvey
OP15428/22 Cassidy, Hugh B.
OP15428/23 Churchill, Dr. James F.
OP15428/24 Clark, Dr. V.G.
OP15428/25 Colby, Dr. Elliot G.
OP15428/26 Conklin, Harold R.
OP15428/27 Cook, Seymour S.
OP15428/28 Cook, Stearns
OP15428/29 Cornell, Dr. Harold D.
OP15428/30 Crandall, Paul H.
OP15428/31 Crandall, W.C.
OP15428/32 Crawford, Dr. W.W.
OP15428/33 Curtis, Everett N.
OP15428/34 Davidson, Gilbert Aubrey
OP15428/35 Davis, R.E.
OP15428/36 Decker, Gordon
OP15428/37 Diffenderfer, Lloyd H.
OP15428/38 Doig, Robert L.
OP15428/39 Driscoll, John Gerald, Jr.
Folder 2
OP15428/40 Eager, Dr. B.F.
OP15428/41 Eager, Walter H.
OP15428/42 Ellis, Leonard A.
OP15428/43 Elser, William P.
OP15428/44 Evans, W.H.
OP15428/45 Ewing, Joseph C.
OP15428/46 Foote, [Dr.] Charles G.
OP15428/47 Fox, John Lawrence
OP15428/48 France, William B.
OP15428/49 Frazee, Robert
OP15428/50 Frost, Albert A.
OP15428/51 Gilmore, Myron T.
OP15428/52 Glenn, Eugene
OP15428/53 Goode, Col. George W.
OP15428/54 Guthrie, H.A.
OP15428/55 Haines, Alfred
OP15428/56 Haines, [Judge] Charles C.
OP15428/57 Harper, Jacob C.
OP15428/58 Harper, William E.
OP15428/59 Haskell, John N.
OP15428/60 Henoch, Louis M.
OP15428/61 Hewitt, Dr. Edgar L.
OP15428/62 Hewicker, John A.
OP15428/63 Hicks, Major George, Jr.
OP15428/64 Higbee, Dr. David
OP15428/65 Holder, Dr. Hall G.
OP15428/66 Holt, Harry E.
OP15428/67 Hope, Frank L., Jr.
OP15428/68 Housh, A.E.
OP15428/69 Jackson, William R.
OP15428/70 Jennison, Dr. John E.
OP15428/71 Johnson, W. Templeton
OP15428/72 Kaysen, Dr. Ralph
OP15428/73 Kelly, Edward J.
OP15428/74 Kelly, Herbert G.
OP15428/75 Kenyon, Karl
OP15428/76 Kew, Richard M.
OP15428/77 King, Dr. J.C. Elliot
OP15428/78 Kinney, Dr. Lyle C.
OP15428/79 Klauber, Allan
OP15428/80 Kyes, Dr. Walker S.
Folder 3
OP15428/81 Lacey, Sheridan
OP15428/82 Lannon, Edward T.
OP15428/83 Lawson, Ivor N., Jr.
OP15428/84 Leard, F.J.
OP15428/85 Ledford, Dr. Roy M.
OP15428/86 Lee, Albert J.
OP15428/87 Lesem, Alex M.
OP15428/88 Ligget, Ruel H.
OP15428/89 Luce, Edgar A.
OP15428/90 Macpherson, Dr. Fraser L.
OP15428/91 Maler, Dr. John L.
OP15428/92 Malm, Harry G.
OP15428/93 Marcy, Frank E.
OP15428/94 Marston, Arthur H.
OP15428/95 Marston, George W.
OP15428/96 Martin, C.H.
OP15428/97 McClintock, H.R.
OP15428/98 McColl, Dr. William Frazer
OP15428/99 McCulloch, J.H.
OP15428/100 Meanley, Thomas M.
OP15428/101 Miller, Dr. Thatcher
OP15428/102 Munkelt, Glen H.
OP15428/103 Mirow, William G.
OP15428/104 Molitor, Nicholas
OP15428/105 Morrison, Claude H.
OP15428/106 Newman, Dr. H.P.
OP15428/107 Newman, Dr. Willard H.
OP15428/108 Newton, Dr. Hiram D.
OP15428/109 Northridge, Dr. William A.
OP15428/110 O’Hara, [Dr.] Joseph J.
OP15428/111 Perkins, [Dr.] Frank J.
OP15428/112 Perna, L.G.
OP15428/113 Pfanstiel, James G.
OP15428/114 Pickard, [Dr.] Rawson J.
OP15428/115 Unknown
OP15428/116 Poland, Reginald
OP15428/117 Porter, Dr. H.K.
OP15428/118 Potter, [Dr.] Will H.
OP15428/119 Randolph, Ralph B.
Folder 4
OP15428/120 Ratty, F.J.
OP15428/121 Richardson, F.L.
OP15428/122 Rinehart, Charles E.
OP15428/123 Rollins, Ralph
OP15428/124 Roton, Charles E.
OP15428/125 Russell, Lloyd E.
OP15428/126 Saint Sure, Frank
OP15428/127 Savage, Hiram Newton
OP15428/128 Schlappi, [Dr.] John C.
OP15428/129 Scranton, E.E.
OP15428/130 Smith, Donald B.
OP15428/131 Snyder, John W.
OP15428/132 Stanton, W. J.
OP15428/133 Starkey, Harold B.
OP15428/134 Steiner, Fred A.
OP15428/135 Stephens, W.G.
OP15428/136 Sibley, Berton William
OP15428/137 Strong, Hugh
OP15428/138 Swingle, Walter T.
OP15428/139 Taylor, Howard
OP15428/140 Thompson, Adam
OP15428/141 Thompson, A.M.
OP15428/142 Thompson, Renwick
OP15428/143 Townsend, John W.
OP15428/144 Treadwell, Alliene Wetmore
OP15428/145 Trepte, Walter
OP15428/146 Van Sickle, E.C.
OP15428/147 Van Valin, Frank Y.
OP15428/148 Ward, Martin Luther, Jr.
OP15428/149 Warnes, Elmer D.
OP15428/150 Weinberger, Jacob
OP15428/151 Weinberger, Dr. Joseph
OP15428/152 Weiskotten, Dr. W. Otto
OP15428/153 Wheaton, F. Sherwood
OP15428/154 Whitacre, P.A.
OP15428/155 Wier, Dr. Thomas F.
OP15428/156 Wight, J.T.
OP15428/157 Williams, Gethen
OP15428/158 Wilson, Hugh W.
OP15428/159 Wilson, Dr. William H.
OP15428/160 Winnek, Victor C.
OP15428/161 Worcester, Wood F.
Box 2
Folder 5
OP15428/162 Allen, Dr. W.E.
OP15428/163 Ander[s]on, Dr. A.L.
OP15428/164 Bach, R.E.
OP15428/165 Bailey, E.T.
OP15428/166 Baker, M.D.
OP15428/167 Baker, R.S.
OP15428/168 Batten, Dr. D.H.
OP15428/169 Blondin, Dr. E.A.
OP15428/170 Brooks, Baylor
OP15428/171 Brownlee, R.B.
OP15428/172 Bryant, W.L.
OP15428/173 Burger, Dr. T.O.
OP15428/174 Butterfield, J.T.
OP15428/175 Callaway, H.E.
OP15428/176 Cambell, C. Scott
OP15428/177 Caperton, W.A.
OP15428/178 Gulick, S.L., Jr.
OP15428/179 Haines, C.C.
OP15428/180 Hartley, Paul
OP15428/181 Hartman, Dr. P.U.
OP15428/182 Hartsough, Dr. C.W., Jr.
OP15428/183 Hendry, J.B.
OP15428/184 Hepner, W.R.
OP15428/185 Higgins, Dr. J.H.
OP15428/186 Houser, A.L., Jr.
OP15428/187 Ingrahm, Admiral J. H.
OP15428/188 Ingle, J.J.
OP15428/189 Jenson, R.E.
OP15428/190 Johnson, A.S.
OP15428/191 Johnson, Edwin
OP15428/192 Johnson, G.V.
OP15428/193 Johnson, W.T.
OP15428/194 Jones, Dr. C.R.
OP15428/195 Jopling, Dr. J.F.
OP15428/196 Jones, Evan V.
OP15428/197 Jones, John M.
Folder 6
OP15428/198 Kimball, Dr. A.P.
OP15428/199 Kirwin, Dr. J.J.
OP15428/200 Knox, H.E.
OP15428/201 Kuen, G.J.
OP15428/202 Kunzel, Fred
OP15428/203 Lacy, Sherman
OP15428/204 LaMotte, A.D.
OP15428/205 Laux, J.A.
OP15428/206 Leigh, C.T.
OP15428/207 Ferver, A.L.
OP15428/208 Lopiler, F.J.
OP15428/209 Loveall, Dr. G. Robert
OP15428/210 March, L.W.
OP15428/211 Marston, A.H., Jr.
OP15428/212 McMahon, R.J.
OP15428/213 McNeill, A. Mason
OP15428/214 Mehlin, Dr. G. Burch
OP15428/215 Mercer, Dr. R.D.
OP15428/216 Myers, Dr. Lloyd
OP15428/217 Miles, Dr. N. Terrell
OP15428/218 Mitchell, G.S.
OP15428/219 Moe, C.R.
OP15428/220 Montague, Dr. E.A.
OP15428/221 Morgans, F.D.
OP15428/222 Morrison, W.D.
OP15428/223 Munkelt, G.H.
OP15428/224 Neilsen, S. Falk
OP15428/225 Nickle, Dr. W.R.
OP15428/226 Novotny, C.J.
OP15428/227 Olds, Dr. J.W.
OP15428/228 Padgett, C.J.
OP15428/229 Padrez, Anthony
OP15428/230 Peterson, R.O.
OP15428/231 Platt, R. Sherman
OP15428/232 Poland, Reginald [adhered to OP15428/232A – damaged]
OP15428/232A Unknown [damaged]
OP15428/233 Rees, Dr. C.W.
OP15428/234 Postlethwaite, H.W.
OP15428/235 Potter, Dr. W.H.
Folder 7
OP15428/236 Reuter, J.V.
OP15428/237 Rineheart, J.R.
OP15428/238 Risdon, C.S.
OP15428/239 Roberts, Dr. N.C.
OP15428/240 Russell, L.E.
OP15428/241 Russell, Dr. Ralph S.
OP15428/242 Samuel, G.F.
OP15428/243 Schiefer, Dr. W.E.
OP15428/244 Smith, Dr. C.T.
OP15428/245 Smith, D.B.
OP15428/246 Turnbow, L.S.
OP15428/247 Walsh, M.J.
OP15428/248 Warnes, E.D.
OP15428/249 Watkins, E.A.
OP15428/250 Weiskotten, Dr. W.O.
OP15428/251 White, A.E.
OP15428/252 White, F.F.
OP15428/253 Wick, P.F.
OP15428/254 Wilkinson, W.L.
OP15428/255 Williams, R.D.