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This “electronic postcard collection” is the definitive listing of postcards from the Panama-California Exposition. Over 2000 postcard images are contained here. This collection will never be complete – in fact, there is no way to know how many cards exist. Real photo postcards continue to surface frequently. Even small collections sometimes include some cards not listed here. Your postcard image scans or photocopies are most welcome and will be included in website updates.

The Megsons’ criteria and numbering system are used here, with a few minor changes. “One-of-a-kind” real-photo cards of and by exposition visitors, which the Megsons excluded, are included here. Several new GMxxx categories have been added as new groups of postcards have been discovered.

Type Listing of postcards by manufacturer
GM10 Adler (green allegorical drawings)
GM15 Adventurers, The
GM20 Aerial Photo Co.
GM30 Arcade View (groundbreaking real photos: subtitles in light box)
GM32 Arcade View (groundbreaking real photos: hand-printed subtitles)
GM33 Artopho (groundbreaking real photos)
GM35 Averrett aerial view
GM38 Beardsley Electric Co.
GM40 Benham proposed site views (also Eno & Matteson)
GM50 Book Lovers’ Shop (black/white, gray back, Expo logo)
GM60 Book Lovers’ Shop (black/white, gray back, no logo)
GM70 Book Lovers’ Shop (hand colored, gray back, no logo)
GM80 Book Lovers’ Shop (sepia front, brown/yellow back, Expo logo)
GM90 Book Lovers’ Shop (hand colored, brown back, Expo logo)
GM100 Book Lovers’ Shop (sepia front, brown back, no logo)
GM105 Book Lovers’ Shop (hand colored, brown back, no logo)
GM110 Book Lovers’ Shop – The Van Albert Prints
GM115 Borden’s Condensed Milk Co.
GM120 California Sandwich Syndicate
GM130 Caloni & Co – white statuary
GM132 Christiance
GM135 Collins – “Meet Me in San Diego” individual photos
GM137 Covert, Geo. L. – “New York to San Diego, Cal.” tricycle with mule
GM140 Detroit (Phostint)
GM145 Empress Hotel
GM150 Eno (brown/tan, by Albertype)
GM160 Eno (hand colored, by Albertype)
GM170 Eno 4400 series, green back
GM180 Eno 4400 series, brown back
GM190 Eno 5400 series
GM200 Eno (white border)
GM210 Eno & Matteson posters (3152-3158)
GM215 Eno & Matteson “series of 300”
GM220 Eno & Matteson poster
GM225 Eno & Matteson 3475 “Public Library Showing PCE Grounds in Distance”
GM230 Eno & Matteson 4400 series
GM250 Fergus, Leah Coleman
GM260 Fitch real photos
GM265 General Electric
GM268 Hadden Automatic Sprinkler System
GM270 Harvey, Fred – by Albertype
GM275 Hugo, Leopold – real photos
GM277 Hyers Barber Shop / Marion Vogdes
GM280 International Harvester
GM290 International Harvester
GM300 Japanese Garden
GM305 Jewett Hotel
GM310 Kaufman
GM315 Kearney Photo / McLeod poem (post-expo, 1918)
GM320 K. & T. (felt pennant: “Have Longed Many Longings”)
GM325 Kirkland Apartment Hotel
GM328 La Vista Apartments
GM330 Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
GM333 Lubin Hotel
GM335 Metropolitan Life Insurance Co (Welfare Exhibit)
GM340 Mitchell poster cards (vertical with logo)
GM341 Mitchell groundbreaking – “Religious Ceremonies” (1824)
GM343 National Cash Register Co.
GM345 Newman Christmas poster cards
GM347 Nielen real photo
GM350 Oakes real photos (no numbers)
GM360 Oakes real photos (numbered on front)
GM361 Oakes real photos (hand-colored)
GM362 Oakes real photos (visitors in electriquettes)
GM370 Ohio Week Committee
GM375 Old Mission Realty / Butt-in-Bay magnified…
GM380 Oregon City Woolen Mills
GM385 Pacific Limited – Southern Pacific RR – Union Pacific
GM390 Painted Desert by Harvey (black/white)
GM400 Painted Desert by Harvey (hand colored)
GM410 Painted Desert by Harvey (colored with white border)
GM420 Painted Desert – real photos
GM425 Panama-California Exposition Gold Medal Awards
GM430 Panama-California Exposition, Officials, Rice & Sons
GM440 Panama-California Exposition, 1915 – All the Year – 1915…Five Months Before the Opening”
GM450 Panama-California Exposition, 1915 – All the Year – 1915
GM455 Panama-California Exposition Pass
GM460 Panama-California Exposition, “Official View”
GM465 Panama-California Exposition, “A Souvenir of the PCE” (“are you God?”)
GM470 Panama-California Exposition – real photos
GM480 Panama-California Exposition – real photos
GM484 Passmore, Lee
GM485 Photoprint Co. – real photos of groundbreaking celebrations
GM490 Poole Brothers
GM493 Princess Tsianina Redfeather
GM494 The Progressive Church (P.C.E. Booster Song)
GM495 Renfro-Haven Co.
GM497 Richmond Hotel
GM500 Rosslyn Hotel by Ames Bros
GM505 Rudd map of the Americas, Panama Canal statistics
GM510 Sandford Hotel by Eno & Matteson
GM513 San Diego County Chamber of Commerce – trifold mailer
GM515 San Diego County – Grossman
GM517 San Diego Exposition Bonds
GM518 San Diego Hotel
GM520 Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce
GM530 Schellenberg – visitors at the Exposition
GM531 Schellenberg – white statuary
GM532 Schellenberg – Afana “mother of pearl” carvings
GM540 Seagrave Fire Apparatus (b/w)
GM550 Seagrave Fire Apparatus (color)
GM560 Southern Pacific RR
GM570 Southern Pacific RR (jumbo size card)
GM575 Southern Trust and Savings Bank (bifold mailer)
GM580 State Societies of San Diego
GM585 Stayton
GM590 Tatum, Queen of the Pacific
GM595 Taylor (Harold) Studios
GM597 Mme. Tromben sings on New Years Night
GM600 Union Oil
GM610 Union Pacific RR
GM630 Washington State
GM631 Washington The Evergreen State (PPIE and PCE)
GM633 R.P Whigham Studios (Elizabeth the Living Doll)
GM635 Winsor, A. G. folder
GM637 Wooten
GM640 Wright, Allen H, photographer
GM650 Anonymous Real Photos, Ground-breaking ceremonies, 1911 (mixed)
GM660 Anonymous Real Photos – mixed, uncategorized
GM670 Anonymous Real Photos, titles in upright letters (in white rectangle)
GM680 Anonymous Real Photos, titles in upright letters (wide border)
GM690 Anonymous Real Photos, mixed group (on Noko paper)
GM691 Anonymous Real Photos on Noko paper; white border, neat upright block titles & subtitles
GM700 Anonymous Real Photos, white border, “San Diego Exposition 1915” or “San Diego 1915”; titles in tiny artistic upright upper and lower case letters
GM710 Anonymous Real Photos, white border, “San Diego Exposition” in upright sans-serif letters
GM720 Anonymous Real Photos, white border, “Panama-California International Exposition – San Diego 1915 (or 1916)” in upright upper case letters with larger caps
GM730 Anonymous Real Photos, white border, “San Diego Exposition 1915” or “San Diego 1915” in forward sloping letters (numbered 2–)
GM735 Anonymous Real Photos, no border, “San Diego 1915” in forward sloping letters
GM740 Anonymous Real Photos, “San Diego Exposition 1915” in forward sloping letters (one white border at bottom or side)
GM750 Anonymous Real Photos, “San Diego Exposition” in backward sloping letters, most with numbers in 200 or 500 series
GM760 Anonymous Real Photos, printed in blue with wide border
GM770 Anonymous Real Photos, printed on tan paper with wide border
GM780 Anonymous Real Photos, with M.A. on front
GM790 Anonymous Real Photos, titles in vertical black box on left front
GM800 Anonymous Real Photos, sepia with white border
GM810 Anonymous Real Photos, hand-printed sans-serif block titles; no border
GM820 Anonymous Real Photos, during construction, white border – one wide; Velox paper
GM830 Anonymous Real Photos, no border, no titles or subtitles; Azo paper
GM840 Anonymous narrow hand-colored card; Albertype style, no borders, no titles or subtitles
GM850 Anonymous Real Photos pasted on card with very wide borders, handwritten titles and 89- number
GM860 Anonymous Real Photos with hand-printed titles and crooked letters “l”, “d” and “t”, some with numbers
GM870 Anonymous Real Photos with hand-printed titles numbered 4–

Note: there are certainly more anonymous real photos out there – for those that are uncategorized, see GM650 Anonymous Real Photos of the Ground-breaking ceremonies, 1911 (mixed) and GM660 Anonymous Real Photos of the Exposition – mixed

Postcard index based on American Exposition Postcards ©1992 by Frederic & Mary Megson