San Diego: All in a Day’s Work

“We grew the most beautiful fruit you ever saw. And got nothing for it. That was out in Teralta, it was called in those days; right across the street from where Woodrow Wilson high school is now. Father’s brand of fruit that he packed at the packing house was the Teralta brand. It was just beautiful fruit. When I see fruit in the market now and think back to what we had, it’s just sad. We had the most Satsuma plums I ever ate. They grew to the size of a tea-cup or more, and when they were dead ripe they were dark rich purple and the juice would be just like wine. But when you buy Satsuma plums now, you get something not much bigger than a walnut, and it’s green, has no flavor. …That was in ’98 and ’99, along there. Father had to give it up, but it was a beautiful fruit country.”       …Marion Teggert Halley, 1960

SDHS Photo FEP1288: Grading oranges at La Vida Ranch, Spring Valley, 1897.

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More photos An article in the Journal of San Diego History (Summer 2000) includes several more of the photographs from this exhibit.