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Grave Matters: From Graveyards to Memorial Parks

What is the difference between a graveyard, cemetery, memorial park, and mausoleum?

For the San Diego History Center’s third and last installment of “Grave Matters: San Diego’s Relationship with Death,” we explore these differences and the history behind Mount Hope Cemetery, Greenwood Memorial Park, and the first mausoleum built by the Benbough family.

All images are from the San Diego History Center Photograph Collection. 
Further research on this topic is available at the San Diego History Center Research Library and Archives.

Grave Matters: Items of Remembrance

Physical items from the dead have, since time immemorial, been a way for the living to stay connected to those they have lost. Collecting physical mementos of the dead, such as locks of hair, prayer cards, funeral notices, and photographs, all suggest a strong desire to retain the memory of those departed. Regardless of a society’s customs, remembering the dead has been with us since the beginning.

San Diegans collect physical mementos to remember dearly-departed-friends and family members just as people have done for previous generations and the History Center’s Research Library and Archives contain representative funeral mementos and we will look at these items among others that have been commonly kept over the last two centuries.