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Standard Title Author Annotation
4.1 Mojave Diane Siebert Evokes the land and animals of the Mohave Desert in poetic text and illustrations
4.1 Sierra Diane Siebert One of the Sierra Mountains speaks of the beauty and timelessness of herself and her sister peaks.
4.1 High Sierra California Chronicles Magazine format with articles about the Donner Party, the mountain men, and the geogrphy of the Sierras.
4.1 A Child’s California Dan Harder Text and color photos describe the much-varied landscape, nature, and culture of California.
4.1 All Around California: Regions and Resources Mir Tamin Ansary Explores the geography of California, describing the topography, climate, major cities, natural resources, and industries of each of the state’s regions, and providing color photos and maps.
4.2 Pasquala Gail Faber A young Yokuts Indian girl describes her life on the shores of Old Buena Vista Lake in central California and the events that led her to a Spanish mission outside the world of her people.
4.2 Back in the Beforetime Jane Louise Curry A retelling of twenty-two legends about the creation of the world from a variety of California Indian tribes.
4.2 My Ancestor’s Village Robert Labastida Describes the life of a Kumeyaay, or Kumiai, Indian girl and her family living in San Diego area long ago. Includes a glossary of Kumeyaay words and a clarification of the different Indian groups from this area.
4.2 Indians of the Oaks Millicent Lee Accurate depiction of the Kumeyaay tribe through two engaging stories, one about an orphaned Spanish-American boy who is raised by Kumeyaay, and one about a shaman’s orphaned daughter being raised by a white doctor.
4.2 The Indians and the California Missions Linda Lyngheim As the title states this is about the Indians and the missions, succinct and has many uses.  Good shard reading.. 
4.2 The Indians of California Time-Life Books Good detailed information for teacher resource.  Too difficult for most fourth graders
4.2 California Kids Jim Silverman Three bilingual short stories about three children in early Californi, one an Indian girl, a boy living on a rancho, and a girl during the gold rush.
4.2 California Native People Mir Tamin Ansary Excellent supplement to the textbook, the is an informative, succinct look at the culture of the California tribes.
4.2 California Indians Mir Tamin Ansary Describes the traditional way of life of the Indians of California and the changes brought to it by Europeans, discussing homes, clothing, games, crafts, and beliefs.
4.2 Native Americans of Northern California California Chronicles Magazine format with articles about Captain Jack and the Modoc War, the year-long process of basket weaving, and the directions for a Maidu race.
4.2 Native Americans of Southern California California Chronicles Magazine format with articles about building a Chumash tomol, Indian cowboys, how the Cahuilla lived, bird songs. Rock art, and Chumash counting.
4.2 Missions of the Southern Coast Nancy Lemke Charts the histories of the California missions of San Diego de Alcala, San Juan Capistrano, and San Luis Rey de Francia, and briefly describes life among the Native Americans of southwestern California before the arrival of the Spaniards.
4.2 The Stories of Juana Briones Glenda Richter Presents the life of a woman whose family members were among the first Hispanic settlers to come to California to establish ranches and to help build missions.
4.2 Rosalba of Santa Juanita Clara Stities Story about life on a rancho during the first years of statehood in California.
4.3 Rachel’s Journal Marissa Moss In her journal, Rachel chronicles her family’s adventures traveling by covered wagon on the Oregon Trail in 1850.
4.3 Gold Fever Rosalyn Schanzer Uses lighthearted illustrations and excerpts from letters, journals, and newspaper articles to relate the story of the California Gold Rush of 1848.
4.3 Treasures in the Stream Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler This is an endearing story about a girl who discovers gold in the stream on the land where her parents farm.
4.3 The Ballad of Lucy Whipple Karen Cushman In 1849, twelve-year-old California Morning Whipple, who renames herself Lucy, is distraught when her mother moves the family from Massachusetts to a rough California mining town.
4.3 Riding Freedom Pam Munoz Ryan A fictionalized account of Charley (Charlotte) Parkhurst who ran away from an orphanage, posed as a boy, moved to California, and fooled everyone by her appearance.
4.3 Mr. Blue Jeans Maryann N. Weidt Traces the life of the immigrant Jewish peddler who went on to found Levi Strauss & Co.
4.3 Jim Beckwourth: Adventures of a Mountain Man Louis Sabin The is a bibliography about a fascinating man who is the son of a slave and her owner who upon receiving his freedom becomes a Mountain Man.
4.3 Statehood California Chronicles Magazine format with articles about the Bear Flag Republic, the Compromise of 1850. And state symbols.
4.3 The Legend of Freedom Hill Linda Jacobs Altman During the California Gold Rush, Rosabel, an African American, and Sophie, a Jew, team up and search for gold to buy Rosabel’s mother her freedom from a slave catcher.
4.4 The Iron Dragon Never Sleeps Stephen Krensky In 1867, while staying with her father in a small California mining town, ten-year-old Winnie meets a Chinese boy close to her age and discovers the role of his people in completing the transcontinental railroad.
4.4 Railroads California Chronicles Magazine format with articles about the Big Four and the Central Pacific Railroad, the train that transport California’s produce to other parts of the U.S. and sbout the future of train in California.
4.4 Coolies Yin A young boy hears the story of his great-great-great-grandfather and his brother who came to the United States to make a better life for themselves helping to build the transcontinental railroad.
4.4 Pie-biter Ruthann Lum McCunn A Chinese boy who comes to the United States to work on a railroad develops a fondness for pies that becomes legendary.
4.4 California in World War I California Chronicles Magazine format with articles about how the war shaped California, with its war industries like shipbuilding, Hollywood propaganda, andJapanese internmant
4.4 I Love Hollywood California Chronicles Magazine format with articles about the movie industy’s history, the impact of movies on people through various eras, and famous biographies.
4.4 Harvesting Hope Kathleen Krull A biography of Cesar Chavez, from age ten when he and his family lived happily on their Arizona ranch, to age thirty-eight when he led a peaceful protest against California migrant workers’ miserable working conditions.
4.4 Gathering the Sun Alma Flor Ada An Alphabet in Spanish and English
4.4 John Muir Thomas Locker Presents an overview of the life of the naturalist who founded the Sierra Club and was influential in establishing the national park system.
4.4 The Boy on Fairfield Street Kathleen Krull Introduces the life of renowned children’s author and illustrator Ted Geisel, popularly known as Dr. Seuss, focusing on his childhood and youth in Springfield, Massachusetts.
4.4 Amelia’s Road Linda Jacobs-Altman Tired of moving around so much, Amelia, the daughter of migrant farm workers, dreams of a stable home
4.5 Constitution for California Bennett Jacobstein Provides an overview of the Constitution of California and can be used to draw comparisons between the California and U.S.Constitutions.
4.5 California’s 58 Counties Bennett Jacobstein Short entries describing the location and major facts about each of California’s 58 counties.
4.5 City Through the Ages Philip Steele, Ivan Lapper and Andrew Howat Traces the development of a fictitious city in Western Europe from the Stone Age through the present
4.5 Meet My Grandmother:She’s a United States Senator Lisa Tucker McElroy Describes the busy life of Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, seen through the eyes of her six-year-old granddaughter.
4.5 California Micheal Burgan Surveys the history, geography, government, and economy of California as well as the diverse ways of life of its people.
4.5 California: The Golden State Scott Ingram Illustrations and text explore the history, geography, people, politics and government, economy, and social life and customs of California, the most populous of the fifty states.
4.5 Arnold Schwarzenegger Colleen Sexton Biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger including his role as governor of California


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