• HELP is the largest school based history education learning partnership in San Diego history. It is a public-private partnership that supports teachers, students and their families.
  • HELP was founded on research that asked teachers what they needed most in the classroom. Their response: photographs and resources based upon state standards to stimulate student interest.
  • School districts across the state are facing declining resources. At the same time, teachers are required to expand testing and meet state mandated standards.
  • The HELP website allows the teacher to collapse months of research for meaningful photographs into a few minutes. Photographs are organized by grade level and state standard. Teachers can find photographs, download or print them directly as transparencies, and use them in the classroom almost immediately!
  • Students are stimulated and become interested in San Diego people, places, and events.
  • Other programs offered by HELP will include:
    • Trolley Tours
    • Videos for use in class
    • Docent lead tours at local museums

For more information about the HELP Program, please contact the San Diego History Center’s Education Department at: [email protected]