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There are two general ways to use the images on this site in your classroom. Both are valuable.

Images as Illustrations:

As your students come across new terminology, provide them with a visual definition. Show students a horse-drawn carriage, a streetcar, an adobe building, and other unfamiliar things that are not a part of modern daily life.

Images as primary source documents to study:

Have students “read” the images to extract information and draw their own conclusions. Use the images as tools for discussions, creative writing assignments, research projects and more.

Tips for studying images:

Present the image to your students first without a caption. This will allow them to be more creative in their responses as they read the image for information. Have them conduct research to find missing or additional information.
One image can be used to explore multiple topics.
A group of images can be used to explore one topic.
Some images lend themselves to certain questions and not others.
Remember that one image is only part of the story. Historians must draw on evidence from many sources to support their conclusions.

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