Standard: 4.1 [thumbnail images for this section]

This table is designed to support teachers in aligning the visual images with the big ideas suggested by the applicable standard. The essential questions and topical questions may guide the discussion of and inquiry around these big ideas.

Big Idea:
Culture reflects adaptation to geographic regions.
Essential Question:
How and why do people adapt to their environment?
Topical Questions:
Describe the similarities and differences between the four major regions of California?
People move between these regions. Why?
How have natural and human factors contributed to the changing geography of California?
Framework Connection:
In grade 4 emphasis should also be placed on the regional geography of California Student should emphasize how the different regions of the state have developed through the interaction of physical characteristics and cultural forces and how the landscape of California has provided different resources to different people at different times, from the earliest era to the present.
Analysis Skills:
Chronological and Spatial Thinking 1, 2, 3, 5
Research, Evidence, and Point of View 2
Historical Interpretation 2