Standard: 4.2 [thumbnail images for this section]

This table is designed to support teachers in aligning the visual images with the big ideas suggested by the applicable standard. The essential questions and topical questions may guide the discussion of and inquiry around these big ideas.

Big Idea:
Culture reflects adaptation to geographic regions.
Essential Question:
How and why do people adapt to their environment?
Topical Questions:
Discuss the similarities of and differences in the ways in which California Indian nations adapted to and modified their environment.
What was the impact of climate and region on the daily life of California Indians?
What is the impact of the climate and region on your daily life?
Framework Connection:
Students learn about the major groups of American Indians and their distribution, social organization, economic activities, legends, and beliefs. Students become aware of the extent to which early people of California depended on, adapted to, and modified the physical environment by cultivation and the use of resources.
Analysis Skills:
Chronological and Spatial Thinking1, 2,3, 5
Research, Evidence, and Point of View 2
Historical Interpretation 2